My profession is interdisciplinary between biology and materials science. My PhD project studied the polymer base nanostructure for biological application, which includes the fabrication of micro/nano structure that embedded into microfluidic system for observing the behavior of single DNA molecules. During my postdoc, I have developed a force sensing platform to measure cell-generated forces, this platform not only increase the spatial resolution at which traction forces can be mapped, but enable new biological discoveries associated with this mechanotransduction process. In my current research, I develop advanced platform that measure cellular force in real-time, high-throughput and microscopy free, which support drug development in pharma.


生命科學院細胞生物學研究所 助理教授/ Assistant Professor

  • 姓名:徐昭業/Shiu, Jau-Ye
  • 任職單位:生命科學院細胞生物學研究所 助理教授
    Assistant Professor
  • 電話:0422967979  分機6711
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  • 學歷/Education:
    • 國立交通大學材料工程系 博士
  • 經歷/Work experience:
    • 中國醫藥大學生物醫學研究所 助理教授(1091209~)
  • 主管經歷/Administrative experience:
  • 專長/Research expertise:
    • Cell biology/Mechanical biology
    • Material engineering
    • Micro/nano fabrication integrated with microfludic system
    • Application of cellular force sensing for drug screening