My full name is Gregory Benjamin White, but everyone knows me by my middle name (Benjamin). My Chinese name is 白班哲明. I am an American who has been living in Taiwan since late 2003. In 2018, I received my PhD from National Changhua University of Education (國立彰化師範大學). I have been teaching at China Medical University (中國醫藥大學) since 2013. I currently teach English Listening and Speaking (英語聽講); Freshman English; along with a course that I created for the university called TED Talks & Public Speaking (TED Talks 與公共演說藝術).

通識教育中心 專案助理教授級專業技術人員/Center for General Education Professional Project Technician (Assistant Professor Level)


  • 姓名:White Gregory Benjamin/G. Benjamin White
  • 任職單位:通識教育中心 專案助理教授級專業技術人員
    Center for General Education Professional Project Technician (Assistant Professor Level)
  • 電話:水湳  分機1818
  • E-mail:whitegben@yahoo.com


  • 國立彰化師範大學 英文學系 博士
    National Changhua University of Education, English, Ph.D.
  • 美國愛荷華大學 教育 碩士

經歷/Work experience

  • 中正大學 兼任講師( 980801~ 990131)
  • 吳鳳科技大學 兼任講師(1000913~1010625)
  • 彰化師範大學 兼任講師(1010801~1020731)
  • 環球技術學院 講師( 940216~1000731)
  • 中國醫藥大學 通識教育中心 專案講師(1020801~)
    China Medical University Center for General Education Project Lecturer

主管經歷/Administrative experience

專長/Research expertise

  • 通用/學術英語 / General/Academic English
  • 報紙社論 / Newspaper Editorials