My major research interest is the function of astrocytes and related diseases, especially the multiple sclerosis and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). In the previous studies, we found that several transcription factors necessary for gliogenesis are involved in injury recovery or tumor progression. I aim to discover the roles of these transcription factors though genetics, cellular, circuitry, and behavioral approaches. These studies will help us understand the mechanisms underlying critical CNS pathological events and provide the chance to develop new treatments.

醫學院老化醫學博士學位學程 助理教授/Ph.D. Program for Aging Assistant Professor



  • Ph.D. ,Program of Developmental Biology, Baylor College of Medicine

經歷/Work experience

  • 中國醫藥大學 助理教授(1100801~)

主管經歷/Administrative experience

專長/Research expertise

  • 神經生物學 / Neuroscience
  • 神經膠細胞 / Astrocytes
  • 中樞神經系統損傷修復機制 / CNS injury
  • 星狀細胞瘤 / Glioblastoma
  • 智力缺陷 / Intellectual disability