轉移性腫瘤一直是臨床上最棘手的問題,近年來免疫治療的出現為癌症治療帶來了革命性的進展。分子機制上,腫瘤細胞會誘發PD-1/PD-L1在免疫細胞上的表現,進而抑制T細胞功能;免疫檢查哨療法(immune checkpoint blockade,ICB)便是利用抗體阻斷PD-1/PD-L1訊息傳遞,反轉抑制性腫瘤微環境,活化免疫系統進而抑制腫瘤生長。本實驗室主要是以小鼠實驗系統開發轉移性腫瘤的治療策略。我們先前的研究顯示,合併ICB治療與放射治療對肺轉移性大腸直腸癌有更好的治療效果,而遠隔效應的出現伴隨著小鼠骨髓內血球幹細胞增加,分化更多自然殺手細胞和T細胞,放射治療合併ICB治療可進一步活化腫瘤附近受到抑制的T細胞。此外,若阻擋腫瘤細胞引發之髓源性細胞增生訊號(如抑制腫瘤相關巨噬細胞),合併核醫藥物療法後也可提高肺轉移性腫瘤的療效。未來,我們會深入探討合併免疫療法與放射治療的遠隔效應機制,在癌症治療開發方面,我們將針對轉移性腫瘤細胞對免疫系統的調控現象並給予反轉,期待減緩腫瘤生長速度的同時,局部性活化T細胞功能,降低因免疫療法所引起全身性免疫副作用的機率,同時獲得更好的療效。 Our primary focus is to solve the main challenges faced by the clinic in terms of the treatment of metastatic malignancies. Recent year, the success of immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy raises great hope for the treatment of advanced tumors. Moreover, increased cases reported local radiotherapy can enhance systemic immune response after the use of ICB, leading to striking regression of non-irradiated lesions, termed abscopal effect. We have established animal model-based platform for dissecting the modulation of tumor microenvironment in response to therapeutic stimuli and provided a novel perspective on the mechanism of abscopal effect. Through the intervention of tumor-driven myelopoiesis, the therapeutic benefits were found in our lung metastatic colon cancer bearing mouse model after the combination of nuclear medicine and macrophage depletion agent. Our long-term goal is to explore mechanistic interactions between innate and adaptive immune cells after combinatorial therapeutic strategy and translate the observation from animal system into potential curative approaches for patients suffered from metastatic cancers.

醫學院生物醫學影像暨放射科學學系 助理教授/Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science Assistant Professor



  • 國立陽明大學生物醫學影像暨放射科學系 博士
    Doctoral Degree, Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  • 國立陽明大學生物醫學影像暨放射科學系 碩士
  • 國立陽明大學生物醫學影像暨放射科學系 學士

經歷/Work experience

  • 中研院生醫所 心臟血管研究組 博士後(0990701~1010731)
  • 臺北醫學大學 生醫光電研究所 博士後(1010801~1020228)
  • 馬偕紀念醫院醫研部 癌症治療組 博士後(1020409~1090731)
  • 中國醫藥大學 生物醫學影像暨放射科學學系 助理教授(1090801~)

主管經歷/Administrative experience

專長/Research expertise

  • 放射生物 / radiation biology
  • 核子醫學 / nuclear medicine
  • 癌症治療 / cancer therapy
  • 免疫治療 / immune therapy