醫學院轉譯醫學暨新藥開發研究所 助理教授/ Assistant Professor



  • University of Salerno Bachelor's degree in Chemistry
  • University of Bologna, Italy Ph.D. in Chemical Science

經歷/Work experience

  • Universita di Pavia, Pavia, Italy Post-doc Researcher(0950501~0980831)
  • Universita di Milano Bicocca, Milan, Italy Post-doc Researcher(0981001~1030228)
  • IMDEA MATERIALES, Madrid, Spain Post-doc Researcher(1030310~1050610)

主管經歷/Administrative experience

專長/Research expertise

  • 有機合成 (Organic Synthesis)
  • 有機材料科學 (Organic Material Science)
  • 光子材料 (Photonic Material)
  • 藥物輸送 (Drug Delivery)
  • 超分子化學 (Supramolecular Chemistry)