Dr. Liu defines himself as one of the academic entrepreneurs who apply their scholarly knowledge in commercial or non-commercial ventures to improve human health. His research focuses on the instrumentation of advanced fluorescence microscopy and its application in cancer diagnostics. He started his own laboratory at China Medical University in 2019 and is developing a cancer organoid-based high content screening platform for small molecule drugs and immune therapies. Labwebsite:https://www.liuscience.net/

醫學工程學院生物醫學工程碩士學位學程 助理教授/Master Program for Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor



  • 德州大學奧斯汀分校 生醫工程學系 博士
    University of Texas at Austin Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.
  • 國立臺灣大學 醫學工程學系 碩士
  • 國立臺灣大學 生命科學系 學士

經歷/Work experience

  • 美國德州大學奧斯汀分校 博士研究員(1071001~1080531)
  • 國立臺灣大學附設醫院 臨床研究人員(1010501~1020731)
  • 國立臺灣大學 碩士級助理(0970801~0990630)

主管經歷/Administrative experience

專長/Research expertise

  • 螢光顯微鏡技術 / Fluorescence microscopy
  • 生物物理 / Biophysics
  • 細胞生物學 / Cellular Biology
  • 癌症檢測 / Cancer diagnostics
  • 幹細胞與組織工程 / Stem cell and tissue engineering