姓名/Name: 陳遠謙 性別/Gender:
English Name:
Yuan-Chien Chen 英文縮寫/
1.牙醫學院牙醫學系(副教授) / School of Dentistry (Associate Professor)
2.中國附醫牙醫部(部主任) / Department of Dentistry (Director-General)
Email: mychen@mail.cmuh.org.tw
研究專長/Fields of Specialty
1﹒ Orthognathic Surgery
2﹒ Bone Grafting
3﹒ Oral Submucous Fibrosis
4﹒ Implant recnostruction
5﹒ Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma
期刊論文/Journal Paper
SCI論文 (Hsi-Feng Tu)、陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Joseph Chieh-Yui Lai)、(Yi-Ling Chen)、(Yih-Wen Wong)、(Cheng-Chieh Yang)、(Hsin-Yuan Chen)、(Shih-Min Hsia)、(Yin-Hwa Shih)*、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*,Arecoline-regulated ataxia telangiectasia mutated expression level in oral cancer progression,HEAD AND NECK-JOURNAL FOR THE SCIENCES AND SPECIALTIES OF THE HEAD AND NECK,2019 Feb,NA():
SCI論文 陳俊明(Chun-Ming Chen)、曾于娟(Yu-Chuan Tseng)、柯政全(Edward Chengchuan Ko)、陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen)、陳癸菁(Kwei-Jing Chen)、鄭戒軒(Jung-Hsuan Cheng)*,Comparisons of Jaw Line and Face Line after Mandibular Setback: Intraoral Vertical Ramus versus Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomies,Biomed Research International,2018 Dec,0(0):1-7
SCI論文 陳易(I, CHEN)、張加明、陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen)*、陳癸菁(Kwei-Jing Chen)*,Traumatic dislocation of the mandibular condyle into the middle cranial fossa treated by an intraoral approach,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2018 Dec,.():
SCI論文 曾于娟(Yu-Chuan Tseng)、鄭戒軒(Jung-Hsuan Cheng)、陳遠謙(Chen, Michael Yuan-Chien)、陳癸菁(Kwen-Jing Chen)*、陳俊明(Chun-Ming Chen)*,The Changes of Cheek Line (Lateral) and Face Line (Frontal) after Correction of Mandibular Prognathism,Biomed Research International,2018 Jun,(2018):1-7
Other論文 陳癸菁(Kwen-Jing Chen)、陳遠謙(Chen, Michael Yuan-Chien)、鄭戎軒、陳俊明、曾于娟*,Factors related to skeletal relapse in the two-jaw surgery treatment of mandibular prognathism,Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,2017 Dec,0():
SCI論文 張佩穎(Chang, Pei-ying)、(Tzer-Min Kuo)、(Po-Ku Chen)、(You-Zhe Lin)、花俊宏(Chun-Hung Hua)、陳遠謙(Chen, Michael Yuan-Chien)、葛應欽(Ko, Ying-Chin)*,Arecoline N‐Oxide Upregulates Caspase‐8 Expression in Oral Hyperplastic Lesions of Mice,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY,2017 Nov,():
SCI論文 陳遠謙(Chen, Michael Yuan-Chien)、謝明佑(Shie, Ming-You)、吳源晧(Yuan Haw (Andrew)Wu)、李凱星(lee kai xing alvin)、魏立儒(Li-Ju Wei)*、(Yu-Fang Shen)*,Anti-inflammation performance of curcumin-loaded mesoporous calcium silicate cement,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2017 Sep,116():679-688
SCI論文 陳俊明(Chun-Ming Chen)、陳遠謙(Chen, Michael Yuan-Chien)、鄭戎軒(Jung-Hsuan Cheng)、陳癸菁(Kwen-Jing Chen)、曾于娟(Yu-Chuan Tseng)*,Facial profile and frontal changes after bimaxillary surgery in patients with mandibular prognathism,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2017 Aug,():
SCI論文 王堂權(Tang-Chuan Wang)、鄒永恩(Tsou, Yung-An)*、吳禕凡(Yi-Fan Wu)、(Chia-Chang Huang)、(Wesley Wen-Yang Lin)、李郁芬(Li, Yu-Fen)、陳遠謙(Chen, Michael Yuan-Chien)、戴志展(Tai, Chih-Jaan)、蔡銘修(Tsai, Ming-Hsui),Treatment success with titratable thermoplastic mandibular advancement devices for obstructive sleep apnea: A comparison of patient characteristics,ENT-EAR NOSE & THROAT JOURNAL,2017 Mar,96(3):E25-E32
Other論文 羅文甫(Wen-Fu Lo)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*,以帳篷支柱骨移植重建嚴重吸收之顎骨缺損-病例報告,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2016 Dec,27(270):270-278
SCI論文 (Tong-Hong Wang)、(Shih-Min Hsia)、(Chi-Hao Wu)、(Shun-Yao Ko)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、石尹華、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*、(Li-Chuan Chuang)、(Ching-Yi Wu),Evaluation of the Antibacterial Potential of Liquid and Vapor Phase Phenolic Essential Oil Compounds against Oral Microorganisms,PLoS One,2016 Sep,11(9):
SCI論文 蔣尚倫(Shang-Lun Chiang)、林建佑(Chien-Yu Lin)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)、鍾加明(Chia-Min Chung)、花俊宏(Chun-Hung Hua)、蔡銘修(Ming-Hsui Tsai)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、葛應欽(Ying-Chin Ko)*,Somatic Mutations and Genetic Variants of NOTCH1 in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Occurrence and Development,Scientific Reports,2016 Apr,():
Other論文 簡杏宜(HANI SURIANTI)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*,Coronoid Process Hyperplasia — Report of 3 Cases,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2015 Dec,26():310-320
SCI論文 王偉全(Wei-Quan Wang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,New quantitative classification of the anatomical relationship between impacted third molars and the inferior alveolar nerve,BMC MEDICAL IMAGING,2015 Dec,15(59):
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、(Kuo-Chih Su)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Jay Wu)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,Biomechanical Analysis of a Temporomandibular Joint Condylar Prosthesis During Various Clenching Tasks,JOURNAL OF CRANIO-MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY,2015 Sep,43(7):1194-1201
SCI論文 (Yin-Hua Shih)、(Kuo-Wei Chang)、(Cheng-Chia Yu)、高銘欽(Ming-Ching Kao)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Tong-Hong Wang)、(Tzu-Yun Chi)、(Yi-Ling Chen)、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*,Hinokitiol suppressed pan-histone expression and cell growth in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells,Journal of Functional Foods,2015 Mar,15():452-463
Other論文 林宏洋(Hung-Yang Lin)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、吳褘凡(Yi Fan Wu)*,Retromandibular Approach for Mandibular Subcondylar Fracture,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2015 Mar,26():29-43
SCI論文 (Lee CP)、蔣尚倫(Shang-Lun Chiang)、(Lee CH)、(Tsai YS)、(Wang ZH)、花俊宏(Chun-Hung Hua)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Tsai EM)、葛應欽(Ying-Chin Ko)*,AURKA Phe31Ile polymorphism interacted with use of alcohol, betel quid, and cigarettes at multiplicative risk of oral cancer occurrence,Clinical Oral Investigations,2015 Feb,0(0):0-0
SCI論文 孫國丁(Kuo-Ting Sun)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、王怡寬(I-Kuan Wang)、張詩聖(Shih-Sheng Chang)、李繼源(Chi-Yuan Li)*,MicroRNA-20a regulates autophagy related protein-ATG16L1 in hypoxia-induced osteoclast differentiation,BONE,2015 Jan,73(2015):145-153
SCI論文 (Shih-Min Hsia)、(Cheng-Chia Yu)、(Yin-Hua Shih)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Tong-Hong Wang)、(Yu-Ting Huang)、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*,Isoliquiritigenin as a cause of DNA damage and inhibitor of ATM expression leading to G2/M phase arrest and apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma.,HEAD AND NECK-JOURNAL FOR THE SCIENCES AND SPECIALTIES OF THE HEAD AND NECK,2015 Jan,():
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、(Yin-Yu Chang)*、(Hung-Jui Chen)、(Yu-Kai Chou)、賴志河(Chih-Ho Lai)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen),Antibacterial Properties and Cytocompatibility of Tantalum Oxide Coatings with Different Silver Contents,JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY A,2014 Mar,32(2):02b117-1-02b117-6
SCI論文 邱昌芳(Chang-Fang Chiu)、白禮源(Li-Yuan Bai)、(Naval Kapuriya)、(Shih-Yuan Peng)、(Chia-Yung Wu)、(Aaron M. Sargeant)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、翁靖如(Jing-Ru Weng)*,Antitumor effects of BI-D1870 on human oral squamous cell carcinoma,CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY AND PHARMACOLOGY,2014 Feb,73(2):237-247
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、(Yin-Yu Chang)*、(Ya-Chi Chen)、賴志河(Chih-Ho Lai)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen),Cytocompatibility and Antibacterial Properties of Zirconia Coatings with Different Silver Contents on Titanium,THIN SOLID FILMS,2013 Nov,549(2013):108-116
SCI論文 (Jung-Ting Ho)、吳杰(Jay Wu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,Trabecular bone structural parameters evaluated using dental cone-beam computed tomography: cellular synthetic bones,Biomedical Engineering Online,2013 Nov,12(115):1-10
SCI論文 張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、彭淑芬(Shu-Fen Peng)、李昭瑩(Lee Chao-Ying)、蔡士彰(Shih-Chang Tsai)、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)、吳天賞(TIAN-SHUNG WU)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*、楊家欣(Yang Jai-Sing)*,Curcumin-loaded nanoparticles induce apoptotic cell death through regulation of the function of MDR1 and reactive oxygen species in cisplatin-resistant CAR human oral cancer cells,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY,2013 Oct,43():1141-1150
SCI論文 傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、沈嬿文(Yen-Wen Shen),Biomechanical investigation on thread designs and interfacial conditions of zirconia and titanium dental implants with bone: 3D numerical analysis,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL IMPLANTS,2013 Mar,28(2):e64-e71
Other論文 簡杏宜(HANI SURIANTI)、陳百立(Pai-Li Chen)、薛水上(Hsue Shui-Sang)、張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、張佩穎(Pei-ying Chang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*,Clear cell odontogenoc carcinoma of mandibule-a case report,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2013 Mar,24(1):38-49
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Cheng Liu)、(Ching-Han Chang)、李郁芬(Yu-Fen Li)、(Kuan-Ting Chen),Microcomputed tomography analysis of particular autogenous bone graft in sinus augmentation at 5 months: Differences on bone mineral density and 3D trabecular structure,Clinical Oral Investigations,2013 Feb,17(2):535-542
SCI論文 (Cheng Liu)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*、(Kuo-Chih Su)、(Chih-Han Chang)、(Yu-Jen Wu),Relation between insertion torque and bone-implant contact percentage: an artificial bone study,Clinical Oral Investigations,2012 Dec,16(3):1679-1684
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、(Ying-Ju Chen)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、(Howard Haw-Chang Lan)、(Fu-Chou Cheng)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Shun-Ping Wang)*,Predicting cortical bone strength from DXA and dental cone-beam CT,PLoS One,2012 Nov,7(11):e50008-e50014
SCI論文 蔡士彰(Shih-Chang Tsai)、呂啟誠(Chi-Cheng Lu)、李昭瑩(Lee Chao-Ying)、林永昌(Yung-Chang Lin)、鍾景光(Jing-Gung Chung)、郭盛助(Sheng-Chu Kuo)、雨谷榮(Sakae Amagaya)、陳緋娜(Fei-Na Chen)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Shih-Feng Chan)、楊家欣(Yang Jai-Sing)*,AKT serine/threonine protein kinase modulates bufalin-triggered intrinsic pathway of apoptosis in CAL 27 human oral cancer cells,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY,2012 Nov,41(5):1683-1692
SCI論文 張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、(CHI-CHENG LU)、郭盛助(Sheng-Chu Kuo)、(SAKAE AMAGAYA)、李昭瑩(Lee Chao-Ying)、(HUI-YU JAO)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*、楊家欣(Yang Jai-Sing)*,Epigallocatechin gallate sensitizes CAL-27 human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells to the anti-metastatic effects of gefitinib (Iressa) via synergistic suppression of epidermal growth factor receptor and matrix metalloproteinase-2,ONCOLOGY REPORTS,2012 Sep,(28):1799-1807
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、李郁芬(Yu-Fen Li)、張志涵(Ching-Han Chang)、陳冠婷(Kuan-Ting Chen),Three-dimensional bone structure and bone mineral density evaluations of autogenous bone graft after sinus augmentation: a microcomputed tomography analysis,CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH,2012 Aug,23(9):1098-1113
SCI論文 張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、柯政全(Edward C. Ko)、高主強(Chu-Chiang Kao)、張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*,Incidence and clinical significance of zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture involving the temporomandibular joint with emphasis on trismus,KAOHSIUNG JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES,2012 Jun,28(6):336-340
SCI論文 (Yin-Hua Shih)、(Kuo-Wei Chang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Cheng-Chia Yu)、林殿傑(Dan-Jae, Lin)、(Shih-Min Hsia)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*,Lysyl Oxidase Enhances Cell Proliferation and Angiogenesis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma,HEAD AND NECK-JOURNAL FOR THE SCIENCES AND SPECIALTIES OF THE HEAD AND NECK,2012 Feb,**(**):**-**
SCI論文 謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)、張國威(Kuo-Wei Chang)、涂曦丰(Hsi-Feng Tu)、石尹華(Yin-Hua Shih)、柯順耀(Shun-Yao Ko)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、劉崇基(Chung-Ji Liu)*,Association Between the Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α Polymorphisms and the Tumor Size of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma,ORAL ONCOLOGY,2010 Sep,46(9):47-53
Other論文 陳癸菁(Kwen-Jing Chen)、張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*,Iliac “J-Bone Block” for Augmentation of Complicated Alveolar Defect,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2010 Jun,21(2):85-101
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、林殿傑(Dan-Jae, Lin)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen),Biomechanical simulation of various surface roughnesses and geometric designs on an immediately loaded dental implant,COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE,2010 May,40():525-532
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Chu-Lung Wu)、(Shou-I Chen)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,Effects of Elasticity and Structure of Trabecular Bone on the Primary Stability of Dental Implants,Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering,2010 Apr,30(2):85-89
Other論文 孫國丁(Kuo-Ting Sun)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、江顯雄(Hsien-Hsiung Chiang),Treatmnet of large jaw bone cysts in children,journal of dentistry for children,2009 Dec,76(3):165-170
SCI論文 柯政全(E. C. Ko)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、許明哲(M. Hsu)、黃逸岳(Eric Huang)、(Steven Lai)*,Intraoral Approach for Arthroplasty for Correction of TMJ Ankylosis,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY,2009 Dec,38(12):1256-1262
Other論文 吳禕凡(Yi-Fan Wu)、張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、高主強(Chu-Chiang Kao)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*,Conservative Treatment for Extensive Maxillary Cysts,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2009 Dec,20(4):235-243
Other論文 張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*、高主強(Chu-Chiang Kao)、陳源厚(Yuan-Hou Chen)、杭良文(Liang-Wen Hang),以正顎手術矯治下顎後縮併發之阻塞性睡眠絕息症-病例報告,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2008 Dec,19(4):268-274
Other論文 張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、高主強(Chu-Chiang Kao)、張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、柯政全(Edward CC Ko)、陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen)*,自體海綿骨重建放射線性骨壞死清創後之下顎缺損-病例報告,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2008 Sep,19(3):196-207
Other論文 高主強(Chu-Chiang Kao)、陳遠謙(Yuan Chien Chen)、柯政全(Edward C Ko)、陳昭明(Chao-Ming Chen)、張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang),以顎下途徑切除左下顎骨角之根尖囊腫-病例報告,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2006 Sep,17(2):139-149
SCI論文 陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Chung-Ho Chen)、(Pai-Li Chen)、(I-Yueh Huang)、(Yee-Shyong Shen)、陳君明(Chun-Ming Chen)*,Donor site morbidity after harvesting of proximal tibia bone,ARCHIVES OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY-HEAD & NECK SURGERY,2006 Jun,28(6):496-500
SCI論文 黃恆立、(Jehn-Shyun Huang)、(Ching-Chang Ko)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Chih-Han Chang*)*,Effects of splinted prosthesis supported a wide implant or two implants: A three-dimensional finite element analysis,CLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH,2005 Apr,16(4):466-472
Other論文 陳遠謙、(柯政全)、傅立志(Fuh,William Lih-Jyh),改良式自體脛骨海綿骨移植術於顎骨重建的臨床運用,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會雜誌,2005 Mar,16(1):36-47
研討會論文/Conference Papers
1﹒ ,The 41st Asia-Pacific Dental Congress (APDC), jointly held with The 54th KDA Scientific Congress and The 16th Seoul International Dental Exhibition,Orthognathic surgery 308,2019.5.8 ~ 2019.5.12,Displacement of Condyles Associated with Orthognathic Surgery
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4﹒ ,13th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Taipei Marriott Hotel,2018.11.8 ~ 2018.11.11,CAD/CAM & PIEZO Facial Skeletal Surger
5﹒ ,13th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Taipei Marriott Hotel,2018.11.8 ~ 2018.11.11,
6﹒ ,台柬醫學志工交流研討會,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓6樓第一會議室,2018.11.23 ~ 2018.11.23,CAD/CAM Facial Skeletal Surgery
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8﹒ 緻密骨與人工牙根之三維接觸面積對人工牙根周邊骨質流失之影響——牙科電腦斷層影像分析與骨高度量測,中華牙醫學會第二十一屆第二次會員大會暨第41次學術研討會,高雄,2018.10.19 ~ 2018.10.21,
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12﹒ ,4th Hong Kong- Singapore-Indonesia Joint Symposium in OMS,Carlton Hotel, Singapore.,2018.7.22 ~ 2018.7.22,Use of Piezoelectric Instrumentation in Orthognathic surgery
13﹒ ,The 40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress & 109th PDA,Function Room 5, SMX Convention Center, Manila,2018.5.7 ~ 2018.5.11,CAD/CAM Facial Skeletal Surgery - Efficiency, Precision and Safety
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15﹒ 避於於下顎矢狀骨劈開術造成不良骨裂之建議流程,The 30th Annual Congress of Taiwanese Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,高雄醫學大學附設醫院,高雄,台灣,2018.3.10 ~ 2018.3.11,
16﹒ ,AOCMF Seminar—Advances in Orthognathic Surgery,台北集思會議中心,2017.12.16 ~ 2017.12.17,Rationale of selecting ramus osteotomies: Vertical Ramus Osteotomy (VRO), Vertico-Sagittal Ramus s Osteotomy (VSRO), Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy (SSRO)
17﹒ Unfavorable Fractures During Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy: A Risk Reduction Protocol,3rd Asian Maxillofacial Trainees Conference,Hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo, Sri Lanka,2017.11.10 ~ 2017.11.12,
18﹒ 緻密骨與人工牙根之三維接觸面積對人工牙根周邊骨質流失之影響-牙科電腦斷層影像分析與骨高度量測,台灣生物力學學會年度學術研討會暨科技部成果發表會,台北,2017.10.14 ~ 2017.10.14,
19﹒ ,Sleep and dream,台北世貿,2017.9.16 ~ 2017.9.16,
21﹒ ,2nd Scientific Conference with the theme,Manila Central University,2017.7.7 ~ 2017.7.8,
22﹒ ,AOCMF Seminar—Advances in Computer Assisted Surgery,基隆長庚醫院,2017.6.10 ~ 2017.6.11,Piezo and CAD/CAM for OGS
23﹒ ,台灣-日本東北大學牙醫學研究學術研討會,陽明大學,2017.4.16 ~ 2017.4.16,CAD/CAM & Ultrasonic Facial Skeletal Surgery
24﹒ Relationship between the interior alveolar nerve and lower third molars,The 21st International Congress of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology,台灣高雄,2017.4.26 ~ 2017.4.29,
25﹒ ,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十六屆第一次會員大會暨第二十九次學術研討會,台北矽谷會議中心,2017.3.4 ~ 2017.3.5,PIEZO orthognathic surgery
26﹒ Alteration of pharyngeal airway space and the amount of mandibular setback,台灣口腔顎面外科學會第十六屆第一次會員大會暨第二十九次學術研討會,臺北矽谷國際會議中心,2017.3.4 ~ 2017.3.5,
27﹒ ,40th National Congress on OMS & 57th PCOMS,QUEZON CITY,Philippine,2017.2.18 ~ 2017.2.19,
28﹒ ,ACE 2017 Forum on Orthognathic Surgery,立夫教學大樓B1國際會議廳,2017.1.20 ~ 2017.1.21,Piezo and CAD/CAM OgS
29﹒ A CBCT analysis of mental foramen and mental canal in Taiwanese,THE 11th ASIAN CONGRESS OF ORAL AND MAXILLO-FACIAL RADIOLOGY,泰國清邁,2016.11.10 ~ 2016.11.12,
30﹒ ,TAOMS Forum on Contemporary Facial Skeletal Surgery,花蓮慈濟,2016.8.16 ~ 2016.8.17,BSSO, IVRO,FIXATION Method
31﹒ Relationships between trabecular bone mineral density from cone beam computed tomography and morphometric parameters from microcomputed tomography,15th European Congress of Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology,英國威爾斯卡地夫,2016.6.15 ~ 2016.6.18,
32﹒ ,第三屆台日口腔顎面外科交流研討會,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓101教室,2015.12.5 ~ 2015.12.5,Neutosensory deiturbance after sagittal ramus osteotomy
33﹒ ,2015 第一屆 高醫口外論譠,高雄醫學大學,2015.11.20 ~ 2015.11.22,
34﹒ ,104年度口外秋季研討會,台北慈濟醫院國際演講廳,2015.11.8 ~ 2015.11.8,
35﹒ ,中華牙醫學會-主持人,台北國際會議中心,2015.9.2 ~ 2015.9.4,
36﹒ ,中國醫藥大學牙醫學系系慶學術研討會,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓101教室,2015.8.2 ~ 2015.8.2,改良式上下顎骨前移術治療阻塞性睡眠呼吸中止症
37﹒ ,台灣亞太植牙醫學會第五屆學術會議,張榮發基金會,2015.8.1 ~ 2015.8.2,軟硬兼施:齒槽瘠重建之核心軟組織技巧
39﹒ ,台灣顱顏學會外傷圓桌論壇,台中永豐棧酒店哈佛廳,2015.6.28 ~ 2015.6.28,Management of LeFort fracture
40﹒ ,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十五屆第一次會員大會暨第二十七次學術研討會,台北榮總介壽堂,2015.3.7 ~ 2015.3.8,
41﹒ ,中華民國口腔植體學會第十屆春季學術研討會,台北醫學大學醫學綜合大樓16樓演講庭,2015.3.29 ~ 2015.3.29,植牙外科手術臨床案例回顧與術式
42﹒ 水平/近心傾斜下顎第三大臼齒阻生齒之分類方法,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十五屆第二次會員大會暨第二十七次學術研討會,台北榮民總醫院介壽堂大廳,2015.3.7 ~ 2015.3.8,
43﹒ ,台灣亞太植牙醫學會年會,台北福華文教會館,2015.1.11 ~ 2015.1.11,骨脊垂直鼻竇增高術
44﹒ ,中國醫藥大學中區校友會暨繼續教育學術演講,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓101教室,2015.1.10 ~ 2015.1.10,軟硬兼施:齒槽山脊加強術的眉角
45﹒ ,中華民國口腔顎面外科103年度秋季學術研討會,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓101講堂,2014.11.16 ~ 2014.11.16,
46﹒ ,103年度週三讀書會高階植牙講座,福華國際文教會館,2014.11.19 ~ 2014.11.19,
47﹒ ,中華民國牙醫學會第19屆第2次會員大會暨第37次學術研討會,高雄展覽館,2014.10.24 ~ 2014.10.26,
48﹒ Staged approach for reconstruction of complicated maxillary ridge defect,中華民國口腔顎面外科第221次聮合病例討論會,彰化基督教醫院,2014.7.5 ~ 2014.7.5,Staged approach for reconstruction of complicated maxillary ridge defect
49﹒ ,台灣亞太植牙醫學會第四屆學術會議,張榮發基金會,2014.7.5 ~ 2014.7.6,complicated ridge augmentation by autogenous iliac J-bone block
50﹒ ,中華民國植牙醫學會聯合病例討論會,中山醫學大學口腔醫學部演講廳,2014.6.8 ~ 2014.6.8,自體腸骨骨塊應用於齒槽朤缺損之病例報告及短期體積穩定性之探討
51﹒ ,Asia Pacific Dental Congress,Dubai,United Arab Emirates,2014.6.17 ~ 2014.6.19,Comprehensive Esthetic Considerations for Implant Surgery
52﹒ ,矯正與口外醫師的對話,萬芳醫院 6F國際會議廳,2014.5.4 ~ 2014.5.4,Surgery first in Orthognathic Surgery
53﹒ ,2014滴水穿石讀書會,台北醫學大學,2014.4.26 ~ 2014.4.26,hard tissue augmentation
54﹒ ,中華植體美學醫學會春季學術研討會,集思台大會議中心,2014.3.2 ~ 2014.3.2,植牙手術的廣角性美學考量
55﹒ 會議主持人,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第二十六次學術研討會,台南台糖長榮酒店,2014.3.8 ~ 2014.3.9,
56﹒ 下顎骨矢狀劈開術造成術後感覺神經功能異常之原因探討,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第二十六次學術研討會,台南台糖長榮酒店,2014.3.8 ~ 2014.3.9,
57﹒ Short-term volume stability of iliac bone blocks for ridge augmentation 短期內腸骨骨塊應用於骨脊增進術之體積穩定性,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十四屆第二次會員大會暨第二十六次學術研討會,台南台糖長榮酒店,2014.3.8 ~ 2014.3.9,
58﹒ 自體腸骨J形骨塊移植,中華牙醫學會,台北國際會議中心,2013.12.20 ~ 2013.12.22,
59﹒ 錐狀電腦斷層掃瞄量測鬆質骨骨量的可信度評估:以微米級電腦斷層掃描組織型態分析,2013生物醫學工程科技研討會暨國科會醫學工程學門成果發表會,清華大學,2013.11.15 ~ 2013.11.16,
60﹒ Ortho-ophthalmic determinated head position for cephlomatric analysis and prediction,21th International conference of oral and maxillofacial surgery,Barcelona,2013.10.21 ~ 2013.10.24,
61﹒ Volume shrinkage of iliac bone blocks for alveloar ridge augmentation,21th International conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Barcelona,Spain,2013.10.21 ~ 2013.10.24,
62﹒ Raman spectroscopy investigation of human teeth with radiation therapy,21st International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona Spain,2013.10.21 ~ 2013.10.24,
63﹒ Association between the polymorphisms in exon 12 of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and the clinicopathological features of oral squamous cell carcinoma,21st international conference on oral and maxillofacial surgery,Barcelona,2013.10.21 ~ 2013.10.24,Association between the polymorphisms in exon 12 of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and the clinicopathological features of oral squamous cell carcinoma
64﹒ ,2013家庭牙醫學會年會,台中國軍總醫院,2013.7.21 ~ 2013.7.21,正顎手術於治療阻塞性睡眠呼吸中止症的臨床應用
65﹒ ,台灣顏面整形重建外科醫學會 夏季研討會,台中福華飯店5樓會議廳,2013.6.23 ~ 2013.6.23,不對稱性齒顎顏面畸形的手術治療計畫
66﹒ 大會主持人,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第二十五次學術研討會,台大醫院國際會議中心,2013.3.2 ~ 2013.3.2,
67﹒ ,中華民國植牙安全學會年會,署立台中醫院12樓大禮堂,2013.2.24 ~ 2013.2.24,從應用解剖學看植牙手術併發症
68﹒ ,苗栗牙醫師公會第26屆第2次會員大會演講,頭屋鄉 明湖水漾會館,2013.1.20 ~ 2013.1.20,Applied anatomy for intra-oral bone graft harvesting
69﹒ ,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會東區口腔顎面外科及牙科醫療品質促進論壇,花蓮門諾醫院信實樓四樓施桂蘭禮拜堂,2012.11.3 ~ 2012.11.3,management of obstructive sleep apnea - perspectives of OMS
70﹒ ,台灣口腔臨床植體學會第二屆第一次會員大會暨學術演講,嘉義大學新民校區,2012.11.11 ~ 2012.11.11,從應用解剖學看植牙手術併發症,預防勝於治療
71﹒ ,10th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel,Bali-Indomesia,2012.11.15 ~ 2012.11.18,
72﹒ Iliac “J-Bone Block” for Augmentation of Complicated Alveolar Defect,10th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel,Bali-Indomesia,2012.11.14 ~ 2012.11.18,Iliac
73﹒ 比較微米級電腦斷層掃描與牙科用錐狀電腦斷層掃瞄評估人造假骨結構型態之差異,2012生物醫學工程科技研討會暨國科會醫學工程學門成果發表會,台灣 中壢,2012.11.17 ~ 2012.11.18,
74﹒ Lysyl oxidase and enhancement of cell proliferation and angiogenesis in oral squamous cell carcinoma,2012 Indonesian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,Indonesia,2012.11.15 ~ 2012.11.18,
75﹒ Curcumin-loaded nanoparticles induces apoptotic cell death in cisplatin-resistance human oral cancer cells,10th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Bali,2012.11.15 ~ 2012.11.18,
76﹒ Lysyl oxidase and enhancement of cell proliferation and angiogenesis in oral squamous cell carcinoma,10th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,Bali, Indonesia,2012.11.15 ~ 2012.11.18,
77﹒ 立即咬合受力之人工牙根的研發與生物力學分析,2012生物醫學工程科技研討會暨國科會醫學工程學門成果發表會,中壢,中原大學,2012.11.17 ~ 2012.11.18,
78﹒ RANKL, RANK and OPG expression in Human Oral Premalignant and Malignant Epithelial Lesions,10th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Bali, Indonesia,2012.11.15 ~ 2012.11.18,
79﹒ RANKL, RANK and OPG expression in DMBA-induced hamster buccal pouch carcinomas.,10th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Bali, Indonesia,2012.11.15 ~ 2012.11.18,
80﹒ ,The 57th Congress of the Japanese Society of Oral and Maxilllofacial Surgeons,Pacifico Yokihama Conference Center,2012.10.18 ~ 2012.10.20,autogenous non-vascularized bone grafting for jaw bone defect
81﹒ ,台灣亞太植牙醫學會 垂直鼻竇增高術課程,中國文化大學台中教育中心,2012.8.19 ~ 2012.8.19,鼻竇解剖及手術併發症討論
82﹒ ,高雄醫學大學牙醫學系南區校友會,高雄福華飯店福華廳,2012.6.10 ~ 2012.6.10,從應用解剖學洞悉植牙手術成敗關鍵
83﹒ ,34th Asia Pacific Dental Congres(2012年第34屆亞太牙醫大會),TICC台北國際會議中心,2012.6.15 ~ 2012.6.18,Evoluation and Harmony for Modern Dentistry
84﹒ Synovial sarcoma of lower extremity with oral metastasis:a case report,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十三屆第二次會員大會暨二十四次學術研討會,中山醫學大學,2012.3.10 ~ 2012.3.11,
85﹒ 人工牙根植入鼻腔之醫源性疏忽,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十三屆第二次會員大會暨第二十四次學術研討會,中山醫學大學正心樓一樓112教室,2012.3.10 ~ 2012.3.11,
86﹒ ,中華民國口腔顎面外科年會,台中中山醫學大學正心樓,2012.3.10 ~ 2012.3.11,esthetic considerations in implant surgery
87﹒ Mandibular condyle dislocation into middle cranial fossa,中華民國口腔顎面外科年會,台中中山醫學大學正心樓,2012.3.10 ~ 2012.3.11,
88﹒ Iliac J-Bone block for correct complicated alveolar defect,第七屆台灣牙醫植體醫學會研討會,義守大學,2012.3.25 ~ 2012.3.25,
89﹒ 經皮顴骨骨釘輔助顴上顎複合體骨折復位,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十三屆第二次會員大會暨二十四次學術研討會,中山醫學大學,2012.3.10 ~ 2012.3.11,
90﹒ The Predictable Factors of the Poor Compliance to Mandibular Advancement Device in the Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome,11th Japan-Taiwan Conference on Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery,Kobe, Japan,2011.12.8 ~ 2011.12.9,
91﹒ ,The 9th dental scientific congress and international exhibition,Hanoi-Vietnam,2011.10.12 ~ 2011.10.14,Functional and esthetic rehabilitation for patient with alveolar deficiency
92﹒ 立即咬合受力之人工牙根的研發與生物力學分析(2/3),2011生物醫學工程科技研討會暨國科會醫學工程學門成果發表會,台南,2011.8.19 ~ 2011.8.20,
93﹒ ,中華牙醫學會100年度大會學術研討會,台中中山醫學大學正心樓,2011.8.26 ~ 2011.8.26,植牙手術的美學考量
94﹒ ,2011人工植牙成功袐訣之終極解碼,中國醫學大學立夫教學大樓13樓牙醫學系贗復實習教室,2011.6.19 ~ 2011.6.19,(1)Applied anatomy(2)Basic implant surgery(3)advanced implant surgery(4)subantral augmentation and implant surgery hands-on
95﹒ ,植牙併發症與處理,國立台灣科學教育館九樓國際會議廳,2011.6.5 ~ 2011.6.5,surgical aspect of implant complication
96﹒ ,受邀至台北醫學大學牙醫學系碩士及博士班演講,台北醫學大學 口腔醫學院 階梯教室,2011.6.11 ~ 2011.6.11,(1)脛骨骨移植十年經驗 (2)BVSRO
97﹒ ,填海造地-風華再現,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓103講堂,2011.5.22 ~ 2011.5.22,贗復牙科與口腔外科的協同治療
98﹒ PANORAMIC RADIOGRAPHIC SURVEY OF HYPODONTIA & HYPERDONTIA IN TAIWANESE CHILDREN,The 18th International Congress of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology,日本廣島,2011.5.25 ~ 2011.5.29,
99﹒ Idiopathic fragmentation of mandibular fossa: a case report,18th international congress of Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology,Hiroshima, Japan,2011.5.25 ~ 2011.5.29,
100﹒ Guided Papilla Regeneration in the Grafted Partially Edentulous Region,26th annual meeting of academy of osseointegration,美國華盛頓特區,2011.3.3 ~ 2011.3.5,
101﹒ ,春之饗宴-cowellmedi implant system系列演講,行政院衛生署台中醫院醫療大樓12樓,2011.3.20 ~ 2011.3.20,optimizing implant site preparation-surgical planning&execution
102﹒ 扁柏油酚應用於口腔癌防治之活體外評估,2011年口腔顎面外科年會,國防醫學院-30教室,2011.3.12 ~ 2011.3.13,
103﹒ In-vitro evaluation of hinokitiol in prevention of oral cancers,100年度第十三屆第一次會員大會暨第二十三次學術研討會,台北國方醫學院,2011.3.12 ~ 2011.3.13,
104﹒ 立即咬合受力之人工牙根的研發與生物力學分析(1/3),2010生物醫學工程科技研討會,高雄,2010.12.10 ~ 2010.12.11,
105﹒ ,2010年口腔顎面外科秋季研討會,台北市青少年育樂中心六樓國際會議廳,2010.11.7 ~ 2010.11.7,treatment planning for surgical correction of facial asymmetry
106﹒ ,4th International Symposium & Workshop on VIMS (Virtual Interactive Musculoskeletal System),Tainan, Taiwan,2010.10.29 ~ 2010.10.29,BIOMECHANICAL SIMULATION OF VARIOUS SURFACE ROUGHNESS AND GEOMETRIC DESIGNS ON AN IMMEDIATELY LOADED DENTAL IMPLANT
107﹒ Biomechanical Evaluation Of Thread-Design And Surface-Roughness In Zirconia Dental Implant,88th General Session of the International Associations for Dental Research,Barcelona, Spain,2010.7.14 ~ 2010.7.17,
108﹒ Biomechanical Effects Of Subcrestal Implant Placement: In-Vitro And Numerical Analyses,88th General Session of the International Associations for Dental Research,Barcelona, Spain,2010.7.14 ~ 2010.7.17,
109﹒ Micro-Computed Tomographic Analysis Of Maxxillary Sinus Augmentation With Autogenous Bone,88th General Session of the International Associations for Dental Research,Barcelona, Spain,2010.7.14 ~ 2010.7.17,
110﹒ ,五校聯合夏季學術演講,台中榮總 教研所-研究大樓2F,2010.7.25 ~ 2010.7.25,Applied anatomy for implant surgery,Restoration in esthetic zone
111﹒ 以腸骨J形骨塊重建複雜性齒槽脊缺損,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第二十二次學術研討會,成大醫學院第二講堂,2010.3.13 ~ 2010.3.14,
112﹒ 離胺基氧化酶對口腔癌血管新生之影響,2010年口腔衛生科學學術研討會,台北醫學大學,2010.3.14 ~ 2010.3.14,
113﹒ 結合微電腦斷層掃瞄分析與非線性有限元素法探討不同移植材料的骨密度、強度對上顎立即咬合人工植牙之生物力學影響,2009 醫學工程科技研討會,台北, 台灣,2009.12.11 ~ 2009.12.12,
114﹒ 植體外型與表面粗糙度對立即咬合植體之生物力學分析,中華民國家庭牙醫學會兩岸三地大會,台北, 台灣,2009.11.7 ~ 2009.11.9,
115﹒ Implant Supported FPD for Patients with Tongue Ca. after radiotherapy—case report,5th Scientific Meeting Asian Academy of osseointegration,印尼-峇里島,2009.11.20 ~ 2009.11.22,
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118﹒ The effictiveness of,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第二十一次學術研討會,台北榮民總醫院致德樓第一會議室,2009.3.7 ~ 2009.3.8,
119﹒ 針對下顎骨上升枝截骨術之局部解剖研究,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第21次學術研討會,台北榮民總醫院,2009.3.7 ~ 2009.3.8,
120﹒ 結合微電腦斷層掃描與有限元素探討人工牙根於上顎竇補骨區即時負荷之骨質受力分析,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第二十一次學術研討會,台北榮民總醫院致德樓第一會議室,2009.3.7 ~ 2009.3.8,
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136﹒ ,臨床口腔顎面外科學的基本功,中國醫藥大學立夫大樓B1國際會議廳,2008.4.20 ~ 2008.4.20,Applied anatomy for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Complications of dentoalveolar surgery.
137﹒ 高壓氧治療與口咽癌再發的關聯性---回顧性臨床研究,中華民國口腔顎面外科學會第十一屆第二次會員大會暨第二十次學術研討會,中國醫藥大學立夫教學大樓101教室,2008.3.15 ~ 2008.3.16,
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研究計畫/Research Grant
1﹒ 個別型,CMU105-S-29,謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming),陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen),本校(含附醫),液態與揮發態天然精油成分之穩定性及口腔致病菌抗菌測試,$230000,2016.9.7 ~ 2017.7.31
2﹒ 個別型,DMR-104-021,陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen),葛應欽(Ying-Chin Ko),附醫院內計畫,預防口腔癌前病變病患的復發與惡性轉化,$200000,2014.8.1 ~ 2015.7.31
3﹒ 個別型,CMU99-N1-11-2,謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming),陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、夏詩閔、柯順耀,本校(含附醫),異甘草素對口腔麟狀細胞癌之毒性研究,$100000,2011.8.1 ~ 2011.9.30
4﹒ 個別型,NSC 98-2320-B-039-005-MY3,黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang),陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、林殿傑(Dan-Jae, Lin),科技部,立即咬合受力之人工牙根的研發與生物力學分析,$1089000,2011.8.1 ~ 2012.7.31
5﹒ 個別型,DMR-101-023,陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen),楊家欣(Yang Jai-Sing),附醫院內計畫,利用基因晶片技術分析綠茶兒茶素與標靶藥物「爾必得舒」抑制人類口腔癌SAS細胞轉移之協同作用機制,$200000,2011.8.1 ~ 2012.7.31
6﹒ 個別型,CMU99-N1-11-1,謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming),陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、夏詩閔、柯順耀,本校(含附醫),異甘草素對口腔麟狀細胞癌之毒性研究,$350000,2010.10.1 ~ 2011.7.31
7﹒ 個別型,NSC 98-2320-B-039-005-MY3,黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang),陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、林殿傑(Dan-Jae, Lin),科技部,立即咬合受力之人工牙根的研發與生物力學分析,$1071000,2010.8.1 ~ 2011.7.31
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10﹒ 非研究型計畫 (例如:課程計畫),98-教-方案7-B-44,黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang),陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、林殿傑(Dan-Jae, Lin),科技部,立即咬合受力之人工牙根的研發與生物力學分析,$408712,2009.8.1 ~ 2010.7.31
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12﹒ 整合型項下子計畫(主持人),CMU97-122,蔡銘修(Ming-Hsui Tsai),許南榮、曾憲彰(Hsien-Chang Tseng)、花俊宏(Chun-Hung Hua)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、吳正博、張伍隆、黃耀德(Yao-Te Huang),本校(含附醫),台中監獄男性收容人口腔癌之癌前狀態與癌前病變的危險因子--子計畫三:以蛋白質體學分析口腔癌病變至口腔癌形成過程之蛋白質體變異(2/3),$300000,2008.8.1 ~ 2009.7.31
13﹒ 個別型,CMU96-261,薛水上(Hsue Shui-Sang),陳玉昆(Chen Yuk-Kwan)、陳遠謙(Yuan-Chien Chen),本校(含附醫),抑制細胞自戕家族(IAP FAMILY)於人類口腔黏膜癌前期病灶轉變為口腔癌表現之研究,$450000,2008.2.1 ~ 2008.12.31
1﹒ 下顎手術張撐調整器,發明專利,台灣,I645832,2019.1.1 ~ 2037.9.17
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