姓名/Name: 涂明君 性別/Gender:
English Name:
Tu, Ming-Gene 英文縮寫/
1.牙醫學院牙醫學系(教授) / School of Dentistry (Professor)
2.中國附醫牙醫部牙髓病科(科(室)主任) / Division of Dental Pulp Diseases (Director)
Email: mgtu@mail.cmu.edu.tw
研究專長/Fields of Specialty
1﹒ 鎳-鈦根管銼針修形相關研究
2﹒ 牙髓病實驗 Typodont, RVG 應用之研究
3﹒ 牙髓組織與牙本質之mtDNA 之研究
4﹒ 牙髓及牙根尖周組織細胞素之研究
5﹒ 電子根尖定位器之相關研究--模具設計與評估
6﹒ 國人牙根形態之研究
7﹒ 根管內細菌之研究
8﹒ 牙醫育與PBL教學之研究
期刊論文/Journal Paper
Other論文 王偉全(Wei-Quan Wang)、涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)*,雙牙根下顎犬齒之兩根管與三根管病例報告,Journal of Endodontic Science,2019 Dec,10(2):63-70
Other論文 劉易鑫(Yi-Hsin Liu)、涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)*,以錐狀射束電腦斷層掃描輔助鈣化根管之非手術性根管治療:二個病例報告,Journal of Endodontic Science,2019 Dec,10(2):71-77
Other論文 涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)、(Chih-Chao Lin)、(Ya-Ting Chiang)、(Zi-Li Zhou)、(Jang-Jih Lu)、(Li-Yun Hsieh)、(Kai-Ting Chen)、(Mei-Chun Chen)、(Hsin-Chieh Lin)、(Pei-Lun Sun)、(Yun-Chen Fan)、(Yin-Zhi Chen)、(Wen-Chi Cheng)、(Tsai-Ling Lauderdale)、(Hwei-Ling Peng)、(Yun-Liang Yang)、羅秀容*,Distribution of Yeast Species and Risk Factors of Oral Colonization among the Residents at Nursing Homes in Taiwan,Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health,2019 Sep,6():1-15
SCI論文 涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)、孫國丁(Kuo-Ting Sun)、(Tong-Hong Wang)、(Yun-Zhen He)、(Shih-Min Hsia)、(Bi-He Tsai)、(Yin-Hwa Shih)*、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*,Effects of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Bioceramics on Macrophage Differentiation and Polarization in Vitro,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2019 Jul,():
SCI論文 (Rong-Ting He)、涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、(Jay Wu)*、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,Improving the prediction of the trabecular bone microarchitectural parameters using dental cone-beam computed tomography,BMC MEDICAL IMAGING,2019 Jan,19(1):10
SCI論文 涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)、何佳哲(Chia-Che Ho)、徐端隄、(Tsui-Hsien Huang)、林旻蓁(Min-Jhen Lin)、謝明佑(Shie, Ming-You)*,Mineral Trioxide Aggregate with mussel-inspired surface nanolayers for stimulating odontogenic differentiation of dental pulp cells,JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS,2018 Jun,44():963-970
SCI論文 (Chu-Jung Su)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、魏立儒(Li-Ju Wei)、(Tuan-Ti Hsu)、(Chia-Tze Kao)、(Tsui-Han Chen)、(Tsui-Hsien Huang)*,Calcium Silicate/Chitosan-Coated Electrospun Poly (Lactic Acid) Fibers for Bone Tissue Engineering,Materials,2017 May,10(5):501
SCI論文 孫國丁(Kuo-Ting Sun)、李郁芬(Yu-Fen Li)、陳世爵(Shih-Chueh Chen)、江顯雄(Hsien-Hsiung Chiang)、李繼源(Chi-Yuan Li)*、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,Bite Force Difference among Obese Adolescents in Central Taiwan,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2016 Jun,115(6):404-410
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、陳怡文(Yi-Wen Chen)、謝明佑(Ming-You Shie)*,Macrophage-mediated osteogenesis activation in co-culture with osteoblast on calcium silicate cement,JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN MEDICINE,2015 Nov,26():276
SCI論文 孫國丁(Kuo-Ting Sun)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、王怡寬(I-Kuan Wang)、張詩聖(Shih-Sheng Chang)、李繼源(Chi-Yuan Li)*,MicroRNA-20a regulates autophagy related protein-ATG16L1 in hypoxia-induced osteoclast differentiation,BONE,2015 Jan,73(2015):145-153
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,CBCT於牙髓病領域的研究與臨床應用的病例報告,中市牙醫學雜誌,2014 Aug,101(8):28-34
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、(Rou-Wei Li)、吳杰(Jay Wu)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、沈嬿文(Yen-Wen Shen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,Location of the Mandibular Canal and Thickness of the Occlusal Cortical Bone at Dental Implant Sites in the Lower Second Premolar and First Molar,Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine,2013 Nov,2013():1-8
SCI論文 張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、彭淑芬(Shu-Fen Peng)、李昭瑩(Lee Chao-Ying)、蔡士彰(Shih-Chang Tsai)、謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming)、吳天賞(TIAN-SHUNG WU)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*、楊家欣(Yang Jai-Sing)*,Curcumin-loaded nanoparticles induce apoptotic cell death through regulation of the function of MDR1 and reactive oxygen species in cisplatin-resistant CAR human oral cancer cells,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY,2013 Oct,43():1141-1150
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、李郁芬(Yu-Fen Li)、陳冠婷(Kuan-Ting Chen)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*,The effects of cortical bone thickness and trabecular bone strength on non‐invasive measures of the implant primary stability using synthetic bone models,Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research,2013 Apr,15(2):251-261
Other論文 吳禮字(Wu Lii Tzu)、許儷絹(Li-Chuan Hsu)、孫盛生(Shung-Shung Sun)、吳錫金(Wu,Hsi-Chin)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、關超然(Chiu-Yin Kwan)*,The Change of Student Perception toward PBL in a Medical School with a hybrid-PBL Preclinical Curriculum in Taiwan,Journal of Medical Education,2013 Mar,16(3):97-113
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、(Aaron Yu-Jen Wu)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh),Effects of the 3D Bone-to-Implant Contact and Bone Stiffness on the Initial Stability of a Dental Implant: Micro-CT and Resonance Frequency Analyses,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY,2013 Feb,42(2):276-280
SCI論文 張益銍(Yi-Chih, Chang)、余建宏(Chien-Hung Yu)、梁文敏(Wen-Miin Liang)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)*,Comparison of surface roughnesses of gypsum models constructed using various impression materials and gypsum products,Journal of Dental Sciences,2013 Feb,():
SCI論文 葉家碩(Chia-Shuo Yeh)、翁文彬(Wen-Bing Wong)、甘育維(Wayne Yu-Wei Kan)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,Root canal treatment of three-rooted maxillary second premolars: A case report,Journal of Dental Sciences,2013 ,():
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,PBL應用於牙髓病教學-中國醫藥大學牙醫系的經驗,中華民國牙髓病學會會訊,2012 Nov,11(4):1-3
SCI論文 張加明(Chia-Ming Chang)、張佩穎(Pei-Ying Chang)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、(CHI-CHENG LU)、郭盛助(Sheng-Chu Kuo)、(SAKAE AMAGAYA)、李昭瑩(Lee Chao-Ying)、(HUI-YU JAO)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)*、楊家欣(Yang Jai-Sing)*,Epigallocatechin gallate sensitizes CAL-27 human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells to the anti-metastatic effects of gefitinib (Iressa) via synergistic suppression of epidermal growth factor receptor and matrix metalloproteinase-2,ONCOLOGY REPORTS,2012 Sep,(28):1799-1807
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、余建宏(Chien-Hung Yu)、吳禮字(Wu Lii Tzu)、李采娟(Tsai-Chung Li)、關超然*,Dental and medical students’ perspectives on early exposure to PBL in Taiwan,JOURNAL OF DENTAL EDUCATION,2012 Jun,76(6):746-751
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*、(Hsin-Wen Chang)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、余建宏(Chien-Hung Yu)、李郁芬(Yu-Fen Li)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),Bone-Density Changes Around Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment,Clinical Oral Investigations,2011 Aug,15(4):511-519
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate)的基礎知識與臨床應用,中市牙醫學雜誌,2011 Feb,80(2):16-19
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、(Ming-Tzu Tsai)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),Effect of Screw Fixation on the Temporomandibular Joint Condylar Prosthesis,JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY,2011 Jan,69(5):1320-1328
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、林殿傑(Dan-Jae, Lin)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*,Effects of Cortical Bone Thickness and Implant Length on Bone Strain and Interfacial Micromotion in an Immediately Loaded Implant,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL IMPLANTS,2010 Jul,25(4):706-714
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh),Effect of bone quality on the artificial temporomandibular joint condylar prosthesis,Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology and Endodontology,2010 Jun,109():e1-e5
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、陳遠謙(Michael Yuan-Chien Chen)、(Chu-Lung Wu)、(Shou-I Chen)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,Effects of Elasticity and Structure of Trabecular Bone on the Primary Stability of Dental Implants,Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering,2010 Apr,30(2):85-89
SCI論文 劉正芬(Jeng-Fen Liu)、戴佩衛(Pei-Wei Dai)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、陳威麗(Wil-Lie Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,Prevalence of 3-Rooted Primary Mandibular Second Molars among Chinese Patients,PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY,2010 Mar,32(2):389-392
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*、劉正芬(Jend-Fen Liu)、戴佩衛(Pei-Wei Tai)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu),Prevalence of three-rooted primary mandibular first molars in Taiwan,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2010 Jan,109(1):69-74
SCI論文 傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、陳鄭賢(Chen, Cheng Shen)、(Kuan-Lun Fu)、沈嬿文(Yen-Wen Shen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、沈戊忠(Wu-Chung Shen)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)*,Variations in bone density at dental implant sites in different regions of the jawbone,JOURNAL OF ORAL REHABILITATION,2010 Jan,37():346-351
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、梁文敏(Liang WM)、吳泰進(Tai-Chin Wu)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)*,Evaluation of cytotoxicity of resin bonding materials toward human oral epithelial cells using three assay systems,Journal of Dental Sciences,2009 Dec,4(4):178-186
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、梁文敏(Liang WM)、(Tai-Chin Wu)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)*,Improving the mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced acrylic denture-base resin,MATERIALS & DESIGN,2009 Apr,30(7):2468-2472
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、薛水上(Hsue Shui-Sang)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、周明加(Ming-Jia Jou)、蔡吉政(Chi-Cheng Tsai)*,Detection of Permanent Three-Rooted Mandibular First Molars by Cone-Beam CT Imaging in Taiwanese Individuals,JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS,2009 Apr,35(4):503-507
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*、李映儀(Yin-Yi Lee)、戴佩衛(Pei-Wei Dai),當門診碰到使用雙磷酸鹽類(Bisphosphonate, BpN)藥物的患者─可以拔牙或牙周手術與否?如何防範可能引發的顎骨壞死─,中市牙醫學雜誌,2009 Apr,69(4):24-28
MT論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、薛水上(Hsue Shui-Sang)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、蔡吉政(Chi-Cheng Tsai)*,Removal of a Separated Nickel-titanium Instrument from a Three-rooted Mandibular First Molar.,Mid-Taiwan Journal of Medicine,2009 Apr,14(4):27-33
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、薛水上(Hsue Shui-Sang)、江顯雄(Hsien-Hsiung Chiang),Shaping performance comparison using three Ni-Ti rotary systems in simulated curved canals by general dentists,中華民國家庭牙醫學雜誌,2008 Dec,3(3):39-44
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、林保萱(PAU-HSUAN LIN)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、蔡吉政(CHI-CHENG TSAI)*,Experiences of undergraduates using the Ni-Ti rotary technique at the beginning of the endodontic curriculum,Journal of Dental Sciences,2008 Dec,3(4):199-203
Other論文 陳志杰(Chih-Chieh Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,標準化錐度的根管修形(三)→以GT file處理寬大根管伴隨大根尖開口,狹小根管及急速彎曲之根管的病例,中市牙醫學雜誌,2008 Oct,66(10):18-26
Other論文 陳志杰(Chih-Chieh Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,標準化錐度的根管修形→選擇適合的GT file配合鎳鈦器械減速馬達手機及針對寬大根管卻有窄小根尖開口的病例處理,中市牙醫學雜誌,2008 Aug,(65):34-41
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、(Ching-Chang Ko)、沈嬿文(Yen-Wen Shen),Bone stress and interfacial sliding analysis of implant designs on an immediately loaded maxillary implant: A non-linear finite element study,JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY,2008 Jun,36(6):409-417
Other論文 陳志杰(Chih-Chieh Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,標準化錐度的根管修形-GT file 的應用,中市牙醫學雜誌,2008 Jun,64(6):38-43
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、蔡吉政(Chi-Cheng Tsai)*,Endodontic Shaping Performance Using NiTi hand and motor ProTaper Systems by Novice Dental Students,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2008 May,107(5):381-388
SCI論文 黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、沈嬿文(Yen-Wen Shen)、吳柱龍(Chu-Lung Wu),Effects of implant surface roughness and stiffness of grafted bone on an immediately loaded maxillary implant: A 3D numerical analysis,JOURNAL OF ORAL REHABILITATION,2008 Apr,35(4):283-290
MT論文 潘雅萍(Pan Ya-Ping)、劉正國(Liu Jen-Jwo)、黃偉政(Huang Wei-Cheng)、林振文(Lin Cheng Wen)、吳聰能(Trong-Neng Wu)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*、蔡吉政(Tsai Chi-Cheng),Effect of Water Ratio in Alginate-mounted Endodontic Models on Electronically Determined Working Length of Root Canals,Mid-Taiwan Journal of Medicine,2008 Mar,13(1):12-18
SCI論文 許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、(Ming-Tzu Tasi)、(Chih-Han Chang)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh)、(Zi-Ling Liu)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)*,Finite Element Analysis of the Effects of Sizes of Acetabular Components on the Initial Stability of the Acetabular Cup,Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering,2008 Feb,28(2):59-63
Other論文 張瑜芳(Yu-Fang Chang)、李映儀(Ying-Yi Lee)、鄒秋霞(Chiu-Hsia Tsou)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,服用Biophosphonate類藥物患者可能引發的顎骨骨頭壞死─牙科醫師應注意的資訊,中華牙醫學會訊,2007 Dec,210(12):25-28
SCI論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、蔡吉政(Chi-Cheng Tsai)*、周明加(Ming-Jia Jou)、陳威麗(Chen, Wil-Lie)、張瑜芳(Yu-Fang Chang)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、鄭惠文(Hui-Wen Chang),Prevalence of Three-rooted Mandibular First Molars amongst Taiwanese Individuals,JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS,2007 Oct,33(10):1163-1166
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),Instrument Separation in Endodontics-A Report of Three Cases,中市牙醫學雜誌,2007 Oct,(60):32-36
Other論文 鄭惠文、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*,根管治療與雙磷酸類藥物(Bisphosphonate)引起之骨頭壞死症之關連: 三個病例報告,中華民國牙髓病學會會訊,2007 Sep,9(1):4-11
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、蔡吉政(Chi-cheng Tsai)*、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、黃恆立(Heng-Li Huang)、許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu)、傅立志(Lih-Jyh Fuh),Comparison of shaping performance using NiTi rotary systems in endodontic curriculum between 4th and 5th grade dental students,醫學教育,2007 Jun,11(2):157-167
MT論文 (林常申)、涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene)、(陳振陽)、陳三餘(Chen,San-Yue)*,牙科金屬材料對人類口腔細胞毒性之評估,Mid-Taiwan Journal of Medicine,2006 Nov,11(4):236-242
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、(PEI-WEI TAI)、(HUA-HONG CHIEN*)*,Effects of interleukin-1β on the differentiation of MC3T3-E1 osteoblastic-like cells,Chinese Dental Journal,2005 Jun,24(2):35-44
SCI論文 夏小奕(Xia X*)*、王剛(Wang G)、彭彥群(Peng Y)、涂明君(Tu Mg)、任志民(Jen J)、黃彬芳(Bing-Fang Hwang),The endogenous CXXC motif governs the codmium sensitivity of the renal Na+/Glucose Co-transporter,JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY,2005 May,16(5):1257-1265
Other論文 陳麗麗、郭憲文(Kuo,Hsien-Wen)、王瑞筠(Wang,Ruey- Yun)、涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene)、賴俊雄(Lai,Jim-Shoung),Correlation of the fluoride concentration of drinking water /urine and caries index in elementary school children,Chinese Dental Journal,2001 Jun,20(2):73-82
Other論文 (Chen LL)、(Kuo HW)、(Wang RY)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、(Lai JS),Correlation of the fluoride concentration of drinking water/urine and caries index in elementary school children,Chinese Dental Journal,2001 Jun,20(2):73-802
Other論文 郭憲文(Hsien-Wen Kuo)、陳麗麗(Li Li, Chen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、陳三餘(San-Yue Chen)、賴俊雄,Correlation betweeen unirary fluoride concentration and dental caries among elementary school students,Chinese Dental Journal,1998 Nov,17(4):217-227
Other論文 (Chien HH)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)*、(Wang TM),A study of guided tissuer regeneration with case report,Chinese Medical College Annunal Bulletin,1990 ,(16):420-450
Other論文 涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、(Teen-Meei Wang),Growth Retardation of the Midpalatal Suture by Cyclophosphamide,Chinese Medical Journal (Taipei),1987 ,39(3):177-186
研討會論文/Conference Papers
1﹒ Endodontic retreatment of unusual maxillary lateral incisor assisted by using CBCT image ,22nd International Congress of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology (2019 ICDMFR),美國費城,2019.8.22 ~ 2019.8.25,
2﹒ Crackled Teeth: New PerspectiveDiagnosis,CBCT Imaging,22nd International Congress of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology (2019 ICDMFR),美國費城,2019.8.22 ~ 2019.8.25,Clinical Perepective
3﹒ Physical and Biological Properties of Caffeic Acid coated 3D MTA Scaffolds,2019 IADR GENERAL SESSION,溫哥華,2019.6.19 ~ 2019.6.22,
4﹒ ,2019 IADR GENERAL SESSION,溫哥華,2019.6.19 ~ 2019.6.22,
5﹒ Regenerative Endodontic Therapy by using MTA, Biodentine, and Calcium Hydroxide,2019 IADR GENERAL SESSION,溫哥華,2019.6.19 ~ 2019.6.22,
6﹒ Students’ Attitudes to PBL Between Two Endodontic Classes at Taiwan,The 20th Scientific Congress of Asia Pacific Endodontic Confederation & The 14th International Congress of Turkish Endodontic Socety,土耳其伊斯坦堡,2019.4.24 ~ 2019.4.27,
7﹒ Regernerative endodontic therapy of immature dens evaginatus premolar: case report,The 20th Scientific Congress of Asia Pacific Endodontic Confederation & The 14th International Congress of Turkish Endodontic Socety,土耳其伊斯坦堡,2019.4.24 ~ 2019.4.27,
8﹒ 臨床CBCT影像診斷用於治療牙髓疾病/根管治療學 Advanced CBCT imaging on the endodontics,中華牙醫學會第二十一屆第二次會員大會暨第41次學術研討會,高雄展覽館,2018.10.19 ~ 2018.10.21,
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109﹒ 自製個人牙根周尖X-光定位咬板及放射不透性貼片指標作為手術性根管治療後定期追蹤評估,中華民國牙髓病學會,臺南成功大學醫學院,8 5,,2006.8.5 ~ 2006.8.6,
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111﹒ 旋轉根管治療技術教學應用在未修過與已修過根管治療學學生之學習效果分析,國科會九十三年度醫學教育研究計畫成果發表討論會,臺灣大學醫學院102、103講堂,2006.1.14 ~ 2006.1.14,
112﹒ Preliminary Analysis of the Canal Configuration of Taiwanese Anterior Teeth through Radiovisiographic Image,第五屆亞洲區口腔顎顏面放射線研討會,泰國曼谷,2004.12.15 ~ 2004.12.15,
113﹒ 以手動ProTaper在擬彎曲透明樹脂根管之修形經驗。,臺灣區口腔醫學研究學會第四屆第二次會員大會暨牙齒美容美白專題演講,臺北陽明大學,2004.1.11 ~ 2004.1.11,
114﹒ 利用矽膠印模材輔助傳統牙根周尖及數位影像X-光照相作為根管治療後追蹤評估之定位,中華民國口腔顎顏面放射線學會九十二年度大會暨學術研討會,中華民國台北市,2003.12 ~ ,
115﹒ 利用矽膠印模材輔助傳統牙根周尖及數位影像X-光照相作為根管治療後追蹤評估之定位,中華民國口腔顎顏面放射線學會第二屆第二次會員大會塈學術研討會會,臺北,三軍總醫院,2003.12.20 ~ 2003.12.20,
116﹒ The application of radiovisiography to endodonitc laboratory teaching in undergraduate dental school,14th international congress of dentomaxillofacial radology,巴西,2003.5 ~ ,
117﹒ The application of radiovisiography to endodontic laboratory teaching in undergraduate dental school,14th International congress of oral and maxillo-facial radiology,Brasil,2003.5.28 ~ 2003.5.31,
118﹒ 傳統X-光與電子影像X-光照射應用在根管治療實習教學之比較,中華民國牙髓病學會第四十三次學術研討會,臺中市,2002.8.31 ~ 2002.9.1,
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122﹒ A study of pulpal response and bacterial microleakage to chemical and light-cured glass ionomer cemdnts,中華牙醫學會 學術研討會中華牙醫學會,臺北,1993.4.14 ~ 1993.4.16,
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127﹒ Effects of Cyclophosphamide on cells of the stimulated periodontal ligament,中華牙醫學會第三屆第二次會員大會暨第五次學術研討會,台北,1982.4.10 ~ 1982.4.12,
1﹒ 涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene)、王文岑、林俊彬、林郁恆、粘嫦娥、莊富雄、陳雅惠、黃翠賢、楊淑芬、鄭景暉、謝松志、藍萬烘,牙髓病診治參考指引,,2018.12
2﹒ 關超然、李孟超(Meng-Chih Lee)、吳禮字(Wu Lii Tzu)、鄭雅興(Cheng, YaHsin)、沈戊忠(Wu-Chung Shen)、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、辛幸珍(Hsin-Chen Hsin)、周致丞(Chih-Chen Chou)、李淑杏、陳震寰、陳偉德(Walter Chen)、鄒國英、劉克明、楊坤原,PBL問題導向學習之理念、方法、實務與經驗,ELSERVIER,2013.7
3﹒ 關超然(David C.Y. Kwan)、李孟智(Meng-Chih Lee)、周致丞(Fremen Chihchen Chou)、辛幸珍(Hsin-Chen Hsin)、劉克明、陳震寰、吳禮字(Wu Lii Tzu)、鄭雅興(Cheng, YaHsin)、沈戊忠(Wu-Chung Shen)、梁繼權、涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、張淑貞(Shu-Jen Chang)、林香汶(Margaret Hsiang-Wen Lin)、吳介信(Chieh-Hsi Wu)、楊坤原、張賴妙理,PBL 問題導向學習之理念、方法、實務與經驗-醫護教育之新潮流增訂二版,台灣愛思唯爾,2013.6
研究計畫/Research Grant
1﹒ 非研究型計畫-教學實踐研究計畫,10871708,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),教育部,教學實踐計畫-牙髓病學實驗擬真教學-結合CBCT影像牙根量測設計客製化3D列印根管治療模型,$568100,2019.8.1 ~ 2020.7.31
2﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU108-SR-78,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),Osteogenic properties of caffeic acid coated calcium silicate scaffolds,$35000,2019.8.1 ~ 2020.2.28
3﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU108-SR-151,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),張力刺激結合生物列印可形變支架於牙周再生組織開發,$35000,2019.8.1 ~ 2020.2.28
4﹒ 學生參與計畫,108-2813-C-039-153-B,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),科技部,張力刺激結合生物列印可形變支架於牙周再生組織開發,$48000,2019.7.1 ~ 2020.2.28
5﹒ 學生參與計畫,108-2813-C-039-105-B,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),科技部,Osteogenic properties of caffeic acid coated calcium silicate scaffolds,$48000,2019.7.1 ~ 2020.2.28
6﹒ 個別型,CMU107-S-37,謝宗明(Shieh Tzong-Ming),涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),厚朴有效成分添加於牙科根管封填材料之抗菌與牙本質再生效能分析,$200000,2018.11.1 ~ 2019.7.31
7﹒ 個別型,MOST 106-2314-B-039 -034 -MY2,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),謝明佑(Shie, Ming-You),科技部,聚多酚鍍層三氧礦化物水泥之製備,定性,與骨形成及血管形成之性質,$1370000,2018.8.1 ~ 2019.7.31
8﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU107-SR-95,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),謝明佑(Shie, Ming-You),本校(含附醫),Angiogenic properties of VEGF-polyphenol coated calcium silicate scaffolds,$35000,2018.8.1 ~ 2019.2.28
9﹒ 學生參與計畫,107-2813-C-039-293-B,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),謝明佑(Shie, Ming-You),科技部,Angiogenic properties of VEGF-polyphenol coated calcium silicate scaffolds,$48000,2018.7.1 ~ 2019.2.28
10﹒ 個別型,採購案號:M07B4105,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),王文岑(Wen-Chen Wang),衛福部,107年度「編訂牙髓病診治參考指引及健康照護手冊」,$2250000,2018.2.27 ~ 2018.12.10
11﹒ 個別型,MOST 106-2314-B-039-034-MY2,涂明君(Tu, Ming-Gene),謝明佑(Shie, Ming-You),科技部,聚多酚鍍層三氧礦化物水泥之製備,定性,與骨形成及血管形成之性質探討,$1370000,2017.8.1 ~ 2019.7.31
12﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU105-SR-23,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),矽酸鈣類材料誘導骨生成與蝕骨細胞自噬作用關係之探討,$35000,2016.8.1 ~ 2017.2.28
13﹒ 個別型,MOST 105-2314-B-039-028-,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),謝明佑(Ming-You Shie),科技部,聚多巴胺改質矽酸鈣基底根管充填商品其生化性質比較,$990000,2016.8.1 ~ 2017.7.31
14﹒ 學生參與計畫,105-2815-C-039-024-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,矽酸鈣類材料誘導骨生成與蝕骨細胞自噬作用關係之探討,$48000,2016.7.1 ~ 2017.2.28
15﹒ 個別型,MOST 104-2314-B-039-042,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),謝明佑(Ming-You Shie),科技部,不同矽酸鈣基底根管充填商品其物化及生化性質改質比較,$980000,2015.8.1 ~ 2016.7.31
16﹒ 個別型,MOST 104-2314-B-039-004,謝明佑(Ming-You Shie),涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu)、黃翠賢,科技部,可降解含鎂矽酸鈣水泥於硬組織修復之應用,$1000000,2015.1.1 ~ 2015.10.31
17﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU103-SR-67,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),三氧礦化物成骨效應及潛能探討 Preliminary Evaluation of BMP Expression with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: An in Vitro,$35000,2014.8.1 ~ 2015.2.28
18﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU103-SR-66,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),改良式三氧礦化物之密封性及抗菌性探討,$35000,2014.8.1 ~ 2015.2.28
19﹒ 學生參與計畫,MOST 103-2815-C-039-079-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,三氧礦化物成骨效應及潛能探討 Preliminary Evaluation of BMP Expression with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: An in Vitro,$47000,2014.7.1 ~ 2015.2.28
20﹒ 學生參與計畫,MOST 103-2815-C-039-078-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,改良式三氧礦化物之密封性及抗菌性探討,$47000,2014.7.1 ~ 2015.2.28
21﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU102-SR-32,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),縮短三氧礦化物硬化時間之探討,$35000,2013.8.1 ~ 2014.2.28
22﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU102-SR-30,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),以新方法評估電子式根尖定位儀Propex pixi於大根管開口之準確性,$35000,2013.8.1 ~ 2014.2.28
23﹒ 個別型,NSC 102-2314-B-039-014,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,觀察被動超音波清洗對擬牙根管模型中E-糞腸球菌生物膜菌量減少和殘留的Ca(OH)2去除之效果,$930000,2013.8.1 ~ 2014.7.31
24﹒ 學生參與計畫,NSC 102-2815-C-039-100-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,以新方法評估電子式根尖定位儀Propex pixi於大根管開口之準確性,$47000,2013.7.1 ~ 2014.2.28
25﹒ 學生參與計畫,NSC 102-2815-C-039-102-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,縮短三氧礦化物硬化時間之探討,$47000,2013.7.1 ~ 2014.2.28
26﹒ 個別型,101-2314-B-039-023,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),林靖婷(Ching-Ting Lin)、賴志河(Chih-Ho Lai),科技部,三氧化礦物與氫氧化鈣對體外糞腸球菌感染根管的抗菌性分析,$1070000,2012.8.1 ~ 2013.7.31
27﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU101-SR-63,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),探討在大根管開口時牙銼針徑與根尖孔徑比值對於電子根尖定位儀量測工作長度之影響,$35000,2012.8.1 ~ 2013.2.28
28﹒ 學生參與計畫,NSC 101-2815-C-039-063-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,探討在大根管開口時牙銼針徑與根尖孔徑比值對於電子根尖定位儀量測工作長度之影響,$47000,2012.7.1 ~ 2013.2.28
29﹒ 個別型,NSC 100-2314-B-039-043 -,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),萬磊(Lei Wan)、賴志河(Chih-Ho Lai)、林靖婷(Ching-Ting Lin),科技部,難症根管的細菌流行率及致病機轉研究及檢測試劑開發,$420000,2011.8.1 ~ 2012.7.31
30﹒ 校內其他單位控管計畫(例如:教卓計畫),10071604,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),教育部,教育部100年度學海築夢補助計畫-牙醫學系,$363036,2011.6.1 ~ 2013.1.31
31﹒ 個別型,醫院會計代號CMUH-EDU100-04E,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),附醫院內計畫,100年度牙醫部教學改進先導計畫-以牙髓病科試辦評估,$100000,2011.4.1 ~ 2012.3.31
32﹒ 校內其他單位控管計畫(例如:教卓計畫),M3-2-C,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),教育部,向世界禮讚(「非」揚的愛),$1500000,2011.1.1 ~ 2011.12.31
33﹒ 個別型,DMR-100-033,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),賴志河(Chih-Ho Lai),附醫院內計畫,以不同菌種感染的牙根管模擬模型觀察根管內生物膜生成及以次氯酸鈉沖洗液抗菌的探討,$300000,2010.8.1 ~ 2011.7.31
34﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU99-大專-41,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),許瑞廷(Jui-Ting Hsu),本校(含附醫),利用電腦斷層掃描影像評估下顎管於第二小臼齒與第一大臼齒位置之研究,$35000,2010.8.1 ~ 2011.2.28
35﹒ 學生參與計畫,NSC 99-2815-C-039-041-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,利用電腦斷層掃描影像評估下顎管於第二小臼齒與第一大臼齒位置之研究,$47000,2010.7.1 ~ 2011.2.28
36﹒ 校內其他單位控管計畫(例如:教卓計畫),09971602,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),教育部,學術中心-教育部99年度學海築夢補助計畫(牙醫學系),$136625,2010.1.1 ~ 2010.12.31
37﹒ 學生參與計畫,MOE-98-03-03-2-21-3-3,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),教育部,醫病溝通-牙醫口語話課程-台語篇,$220000,2009.8.1 ~ 2010.7.31
38﹒ 校內其他單位控管計畫(例如:教卓計畫),M0-6-B-CMU,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),教育部,臨床牙醫學教案與相關實驗操作整合教學資源提升,$42000,2009.8.1 ~ 2010.12.31
39﹒ 校內其他單位控管計畫(例如:教卓計畫),M0-6-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),教育部,臨床牙醫學教案與相關實驗操作整合教學資源提升,$338000,2009.8.1 ~ 2010.12.31
40﹒ 個別型,97-2511-S-039-003-,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),科技部,根尖定位儀應用於牙髓病學實驗課程之學習效率評估,$540000,2008.8.1 ~ 2009.7.31
41﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU97-060,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),黃偉政,本校(含附醫),COMPARISION OF LONG-TERM CYTOTOXICITY OF MTA AND PORTLAND CEMENT ON MOUSE 3T3 FIBROBLASTS,$30000,2008.8.1 ~ 2009.2.28
42﹒ 學生參與計畫,NSC 97-2815-C-039-057-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),黃偉政(Hwang Wei-Cheng),科技部,Comparision of Long-term Cytotoxicity of MTA and Portland Cement,$47000,2008.7.1 ~ 2009.2.28
43﹒ 學生參與計畫,NSC 97-2815-C-039-056-B,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),潘雅萍(Pan Ya-Ping),科技部,兩種電子根尖定位器使用於藻膠根管模型精確度之研究,$47000,2008.7.1 ~ 2009.2.28
44﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU97-059,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),兩種電子根尖定位器使用於藻膠根管模型精確度之研究,$30000,2008.7.1 ~ 2009.2.28
45﹒ 個別型,CMU96-183,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),許文信(Wen-Hsin Hsu),本校(含附醫),馬達帶動鎳-鈦牙銼針與手動鎳-鈦牙銼針在擬彎曲牙根管樹脂塊清創其肌肉活動的評估,$200000,2007.8.1 ~ 2008.7.31
46﹒ 個別型,CMU95-090,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),不同手持柄設計的牙銼針對根管清潔的效率與肌肉壓力關係的評估,$250000,2006.8.1 ~ 2007.7.31
47﹒ 個別型,95-2516-S-039-001,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),科技部,資深牙醫師與牙醫學生對於鎳-鈦根管清創課程吸收及操作效率之評估,$592000,2006.8.1 ~ 2007.7.31
48﹒ 學生參與計畫,CMU95-001,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),本校(含附醫),牙醫學生使用根尖定位器在體外真牙包埋模型上工作長度準確性之評估,$15000,2006.8.1 ~ 2007.2.28
49﹒ 學生參與計畫,95-2815-C-039 -001 -S,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),(潘雅萍),科技部,牙醫學生使用根尖定位器在體外真牙包埋模型上工作長度準確性之評估,$47000,2006.7.1 ~ 2007.2.28
50﹒ 個別型,CMU94-031,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),比較手動式鎳-鈦牙銼針與馬達帶動鎳-鈦牙銼針在擬彎曲牙根管樹脂塊修形 效率與學習評估,$100000,2005.8.3 ~ 2006.7.31
51﹒ 個別型,NSC 93-2516-S-039-003,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),科技部,旋轉根管治療技術教學應用 在未修過與已修過根管治療學學生之學習效果分析,$609500,2004.8.1 ~ 2005.7.31
52﹒ 個別型,CMC91-D-06,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),牙根尖周病變細胞激素之研究,$140000,2002.8.1 ~ 2003.7.31
53﹒ 個別型,CMC88-D-08,涂明君(Tu,Ming-Gene),本校(含附醫),垂直擠壓與側方擠壓根管充填法其根尖區微滲漏之評估,$80000,1999.8.1 ~ 2000.7.31
54﹒ 個別型,CMC86-d-04,涂明君(Ming-Gene Tu),傅立志(Fuh,William Lih-Jyh),本校(含附醫),骨中細胞細胞膜鈣離子幫浦之電顯免疫組織學研究,$0,1997.8.1 ~ 1998.7.31
1﹒ 中國醫藥大學附設醫院107年度優良主治醫師,本校(含附醫),2018.09.28
2﹒ 中華民國牙醫師全國聯合會特殊貢獻金質獎,中華民國牙醫師全國聯合會,2018.04.22
3﹒ Best research of free paper presentation,亞洲口外大會,2012.11.18
4﹒ 國際牙醫學院院士,國際牙醫學院台灣分會,2012.05.27
5﹒ 中華民國牙醫師全國聯合會第十屆第三次特殊貢獻槳銀質獎,中華民國牙醫師全國聯合會,2011.04.07
6﹒ 2010 JMBE Annual Excellent Paper Award (2010年度Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering 最佳論文),Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering,2010.12.10
7﹒ 2010 JMBE Annual Excellent Paper Award 貼示報告獲獎,Biomedical Engineering Society of R.O.C,2010.12.11
8﹒ SCIE期刊Journal of Medical and Biological Engineerin年度優良論文獎,,2010.12.01
9﹒ 中山醫學大學傑出校友,中山醫學大學,2010.11.12
10﹒ 全國牙醫學生SCP臨床研究競賽,科技部,2008.08.17
11﹒ 教育部卓越計畫P3-4研究學群校內口頭論文競賽,本校(含附醫),2008.06.06
12﹒ 中國醫藥大學醫學院95年教學優良教師,本校(含附醫),2008.05.25
13﹒ 中國醫藥大學附設醫院95年優良醫師,本校(含附醫),2007.11.12
14﹒ 95年度醫學工程年會暨醫工科技研討會 生物力學組優等論文,中華民國生物醫學工程學會,2006.12.16
15﹒ 優秀論文獎,中華民國生物醫學工程學會,2006.12.15
16﹒ 教育部八十九學年度牙醫學系臨床學科自製教材佳作,教育部,2002.03.31