姓名/Name: 張長正 性別/Gender:
English Name:
Chang-Cheng Chang 英文縮寫/
1.醫學院醫學系學士班外科學科(助理教授) / Department of Surgery (Assistant Professor)
2.中國附醫外科部整形外科美容中心(科(室)主任) / Cosmetic Center (Director)
3.北港醫院外科部整形外科(兼任醫師) / ()
Email: d29279@mail.cmuh.org.tw
研究專長/Fields of Specialty
1﹒ 肝斑治療
2﹒ 血管瘤治療
3﹒ 外傷疤痕治療
4﹒ 雷射治療
5﹒ 面部微整形注射
6﹒ 光電治療
期刊論文/Journal Paper
SCI論文 (Yen-Jen Wang)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*,Epidermal grafting for leukoderma resulting from 1064-nm quality-switched neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet laser toning,International Wound Journal,2018 May,():1-4
SCI論文 (Chun-Lin Su, MD)、張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)*,The Predictive Factors Associated With Comorbidities for Treatment Response in Outpatients With King Classification III Diabetes Foot Ulcers,ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY,2018 Mar,():
SCI論文 張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Su, Chun-Lin)、(Xu, Dai-Ru)、(Lin, Bor-Shyh)*、陳宏基(Chen, Hung-Chi)*,A quantitative evaluation with an innovative wireless bio-impedance device to check improvement of limb lymphedema after receiving two-site vascularized lymph node transfer simultaneously in a patient,MICROSURGERY,2018 Feb,():
SCI論文 (Bor-shyh Lin)、張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Chun-Lin Su)、(Jhe-Ruei Li)、(Min-Ling Chen)、(Mei-Yen Chen)、(Yao-Kuang Huang)*,The assessment of Buerger’s exercise on dorsal foot skin circulation in patients with vasculopathic diabetic foot ulcer by using wireless near-infrared spectroscope: a cohort prospective study,LASERS IN MEDICAL SCIENCE,2018 Jan,():
SCI論文 (Kun-lin cheng)、張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Yen-Jen wang),Re:Epidermal skin grafting in vitiligo: a pilot study,International Wound Journal,2017 Dec,():
SCI論文 (Chun-Lin Su)、(Geng-He Chang)、(Ku-Hao Fang)、張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)*,Successful salvage for the intractable massive chylous leakage in a cirrhotic patient: A case report and literature review,MEDICINE,2017 Dec,96(49):e9103
SCI論文 (Yen-Jen Wang)、張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)*、(Kun-Lin Cheng),Wood’s lamp for vitiligo disease stability and early recognition of initiative pigmentation after epidermal grafting,International Wound Journal,2017 Aug,():
SCI論文 (Yao-Kuang Huang)、張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Pin-Xing Lin)、(Bor-Shyh Lin),Quantitative Evaluation of Rehabilitation Effect on Peripheral Circulation of Diabetic Foot,IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics,2017 Jul,():
SCI論文 (Chen ML)、(Lin BS)、(Su CW)、(Lin YB)、(Chen MY)、(Shen JH)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*,The application of wireless near infrared spectroscopy on detecting peripheral circulation in patients with diabetes foot ulcer when doing Buerger's exercise,LASERS IN SURGERY AND MEDICINE,2017 Jun,():
SCI論文 張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Men-Yen Chen)、(Jen-Hsiang Shen)、(Yen Bin Lin)、(Wen-Wei Hsu)、(Bor-Shyh Lin)*,A quantitative real-time assessment of Buerger exercise on dorsal foot peripheral skin circulation in patients with diabetes foot,MEDICINE,2016 Nov,95(46):e5334
SCI論文 (Yu-Tsung Chen)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*、(Cherng-Ru Hsu)、(Jen-Hsiang Shen)、(Chao-Jen Shih)、(Bor-Shyh Lin),Combined vitamin C sonophoresis and neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (NdYAG) laser for facial hyperpigmentation: An outcome observation study in Asian patients,Indian Journal of Dermatology Venereology & Leprology,2016 Sep,82(5):587
SCI論文 張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*、(Jen-Hsiang Shen)、(Karen Kar-Wun Chan)、(Fu-Chan Wei),Selection of ideal perforators and the use of a free-style flap during dissection of an anterolateral thigh flap for reconstruction in the head and neck,BRITISH JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY,2016 Sep,54(7):830-832
SCI論文 (Min Ling Chen)、(Jin Lan Liu)、(Shen Jung Hsu)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*,Delayed active bleeding after radical evacuation of injected polyacrylamide hydrogel and immediate implant based breast reconstruction,SpringerPlus,2016 Aug,5(1):1430
SCI論文 (Shen JH)、(Liu CJ)、(Lo SC)、(Chen YT)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*,Topical Therapy As Adjuvant Treatment to Save a Limb With Critical Ischemia From Extensive and Deep Diabetic Foot Infection When Revascularization Is Not Feasible,Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing,2016 Mar,43(2):197-201
SCI論文 (Jen-Hsiang Shen)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*、(Yu-Tsung Chen)、(Hsih, Chao-Jen)、(Hsin Huang)、(Bor-Shyh Lin),Using a Low Fluence Q-Switched 532/1064-nm Nd: YAG Laser for Facial Skin Depigmentation in Asian Patients: Outcome and Complication Profile Analysis,ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY,2016 Feb,77(1):S32-S35
SCI論文 張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Ming-Shyan Lin)、(Yu-Tsung Chen)、(Liang-Tse Tu)、(Su-Whi Jane)、(Mei-Yen Chen)*,Metabolic syndrome and health-related behaviours associated with pre-oral cancerous lesions among adults aged 20–80 years in Yunlin County, Taiwan: a cross-sectional study,BMJ Open,2015 Dec,5(12):e008788
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SCI論文 (Geng-He Chang)、(Yao-Te Tsai)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Reming-Albert Yeh)*,Infected Tornwaldt's Cyst Leading to Life-Threatening Retropharyngeal Abscess in a Diabetic Patient,OTOLARYNGOLOGY-HEAD AND NECK SURGERY,2015 Oct,153(4):695-696
SCI論文 (Yin-Shuo Chang)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*、(Jen-Hsiang Shen)、(Yu-Tsung Chen)、(Karen Kar-Wun Chan),Nonallergic Eyelid Edema After Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection,MEDICINE,2015 Sep,94(38):e1610
SCI論文 (Cherng-Ru Hsu)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)*、(Yu-Tsung Chen)、(Wei-Nung Lin)、(Mei-Yen Chen),Organization of wound healing services: The impact on lowering the diabetes foot amputation rate in a ten-year review and the importance of early debridement,DIABETES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE,2015 Jul,109(1):77-84
SCI論文 (Chang CF)、張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Hwang SL)、(Chen MY)*,Effects of Buerger Exercise Combined Health-Promoting Program on Peripheral Neurovasculopathy Among Community Residents at High Risk for Diabetic Foot Ulceration,Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing,2015 Jun,12(3):145-153
SCI論文 張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Shu-Hang Ng)、(Wee-Leon Lam)、(Chi-Ying Tsai)、(Yang-Ming Chang)、(Fu-Chan Wei)*,Using pneumo-computerized tomography as a quantitative assessment of result in submucous fibrosis patients treated with surgical release and free flap reconstruction.,JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY,2014 Nov,25(6):1943-1946
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SCI論文 張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Huang WC)、(Lin JY)、(Wang WH)、(Lin YC)、(Wei FC)*,Perforator flap from proximal lateral leg for head and neck reconstruction,JOURNAL OF RECONSTRUCTIVE MICROSURGERY,2013 May,29(4):263-270
SCI論文 張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang)、(Kao HK)*、(Huang JJ)、(Tsao CK)、(Cheng MH)、(Wei FC),Postoperative Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome and Neuropsychological Disorder in Patients after Head and Neck Cancer Ablation Followed by Microsurgical Free Tissue Transfer,JOURNAL OF RECONSTRUCTIVE MICROSURGERY,2013 Feb,29(2):131-136
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SCI論文 張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Wu CI)、(張家寧)*,Aesthetic and Functional Reconstruction of Bilateral Cryptotia,PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY,2010 Feb,125(2):54e-56
SCI論文 張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Chin-Ho Wong)、(Fu-Chan Wei)*,Free-style free flap,INJURY-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CARE OF THE INJURED,2008 Sep,39(3):S57-S61
SCI論文 張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng)、(Hsu, Jun Te),Combined resection and multi-agent adjuvant chemotherapy for desmoplastic small round cell tumor arising in the abdominal cavity: report of a case.,WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY,2006 Feb,12(5):800-803
研討會論文/Conference Papers
1﹒ Laser for aesthetic medicine and Research in a Tertiary Hospital,首届海峡两岸激光医学高峰论坛暨江苏省第四次激光医学学术会议,南京维景国际大酒店,2018.10.12 ~ 2018.10.14,
2﹒ FP-481 The Optimality of Prior Designed Over-sized Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap and Its Varied Applications for Advanced Oral Cancer Reconstruction,2017 9th Congress of World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery,Seoul, Korea,2017.6.14 ~ 2017.6.17,
研究計畫/Research Grant
1﹒ 個別型,CMU107-N-17,張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang),本校(含附醫),使用生物阻抗分析評估淋巴結轉移手術治療淋巴水腫之療效,$200000,2018.11.7 ~ 2019.7.31
2﹒ 非研究型計畫 (例如:課程計畫),MOST 107-2916-I-039-005-A1,張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang),科技部,舉辦「2018年台灣美容外科醫學會國際學術年會」,$175000,2018.10.27 ~ 2018.10.28
3﹒ 個別型,DMR-108-032,張長正(Chang-Cheng Chang),王研人,附醫院內計畫,利用新型自動表皮取皮套組取得表皮於治療穩定型白斑或色素脫失疾病病人之安全性以及成效,$300000,2018.8.1 ~ 2019.7.31
4﹒ 產學合作,10642692,張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng),新加坡商美納里尼醫藥有限公司台灣分公司,評估醫療器材級敷料(MAS063DP)對於表皮擦傷或燒燙傷病患之表皮水分散失(Transepidermal water loss;TEWL)及保水度的臨床改善效果,$300000,2018.3.1 ~ 2019.2.28
5﹒ 個別型,DMR-106-036,張長正(Chang, Chang-Cheng),江秀梅,附醫院內計畫,以皮秒雷射比較三合一外用藥膏之治療方式探討在亞洲人的面部肝斑治療,$400000,2016.8.1 ~ 2017.7.31