期刊論文/Journal Paper

1 吳海平(Wu, Hai-Ping)、林毓舜(Lin, Yu-Shun)、張綺芬(Chi-Fen Chang)、呂水淵(Shui-Yuan Lu)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Dietary exposure to oxidized frying oil from fetus to adulthood suppresses male reproductive development by altering testicular cholesterol and testosterone homeostasis in Sprague Dawley rats,JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2020 Mar,():,SCI
2 吳汶桀(Wu, Wen-Chieh)、林鴻志(Hung-Chih Lin)、廖文伶(Wen-Ling Liao)、蔡岳穎(Yueh-Ying Tsai)、陳安琪(An-Chyi Chen)、陳祥君(Hsiang-Chun Chen)、林湘瑜(Hsiang-Yu Lin)、廖麗娜(LIAO,LI-NA)*、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,FADS genetic variants in Taiwanese modify association of DHA intake and its proportions in human milk,Nutrients,2020 Feb,12(2):543,SCI
3 蔡慈儀(Tsai, Tzu-Yi)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、廖文伶(Wen-Ling Liao)*,乳製品的攝取與乳癌罹患風險之間的相關性:系統性回顧與統合分析,台灣營養學會雜誌,2020 Jan,44():,Other
4 蕭雯婷(Hsiao, Wen-Ting)、蘇慧敏(Hui-Min Su)、蘇冠賓(Kuan-Pin Su)、陳思涵(Chen, Szu-Han)、吳海平(Wu, Hai-Ping)、游薏陵(Yi-Ling You)、傅如輝(Ru-Huei Fu)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Deficiency or activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α reduces tissue concentrations of endogenously synthesized docosahexaenoic acid in C57BL/6J mice,Nutrition Research and Practice,2019 Aug,13(4):286-294,SCI
5 林毓舜(Lin, Yu-Shun)、呂水淵(Shui-Yuan Lu)、吳海平(Wu, Hai-Ping)、張綺芬(Chi-Fen Chang)、邱雲琮(Yung-Tsung Chiu)、楊惠婷(Hui-Ting Yang)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Is frying oil a dietary source of an endocrine disruptor? Anti-estrogenic effects of polar compounds from frying oil in rats,ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY,2019 Jan,169():18-27,SCI
6 陳思涵(Chen, Szu-Han)、陳筱茜(Hsiao-Chien Chen)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)*、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Electric stimulation of ears accelerates body weight loss mediated by high-fat to low-fat diet switch accompanied by increased white adipose tissue browning in C57BL/6J mice,BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine,2018 Dec,18(1):323,SCI
7 曾慧君(Fei Koon Chan)、徐晉(Chin Hsu)、李采娟(Li, Tsai-Chung)、(Wen-Hung Chen)、(Kuo-Tang Tseng)、趙蓓敏(Chao, Pei-Min)*,Bitter melon seed oil increases mitochondrial content in gastrocnemius muscle and improves running endurance in sedentary C57BL/6J mice,JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY,2018 Aug,58():150-157,SCI
8 陳思涵(Chen, Szu-Han)、趙蓓敏(Chao, Pei-Min)*,Prenatal PPARα activation by clofibrate increases subcutaneous fat browning in male C57BL/6J mice fed a high-fat diet during adulthood,PLoS One,2017 Nov,12(11):e0187507,SCI
9 陳姤君、陳文鴻(Wen-Hung Chen)、曾國棠(Kuo-Tang Tseng)、趙蓓敏(Chao, Pei-Min)*,The anti-adiposity effect of bitter melon seed oil is solely attributed to its fatty acid components,Lipids in Health and Disease,2017 Sep,16():186,SCI
10 林毓舜(Lin, Yu-Shun)、林庭伊(Ting-Yi Lin)、吳佳娟(Jia-Jiuan Wu)、姚賢宗(Hsien-Tsung Yao)、張瓈云(Sunny Li-Yun Chang)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor α Activation Is Not the Main Contributor to Teratogenesis Elicited by Polar Compounds from Oxidized Frying Oil,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES,2017 Mar,18(3):E510,SCI
11 張雅媛(Ya-Yuan Chang)、蘇慧敏(Hui-Min Su)、陳思涵(Chen, Szu-Han)、謝文聰(Hsieh Wen-Tsong)、全中和(Jong-Ho Chyuan)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Roles of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor α in Bitter Melon Seed Oil-Corrected Lipid Disorders and Conversion of α-Eleostearic Acid into Rumenic Acid in C57BL/6J Mice,Nutrients,2016 Dec,8(12):805,SCI
12 林毓舜(Lin, Yu-Shun)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Teratogenic effects of polar compounds in oxidized frying oil,Medical Research Archives,2016 Dec,4(8):1-22,Other
13 賴亭妤(Ting-Yu Lai)、李佳霙(Chia-Ing Li)、李采娟(Tsai-Chung Li)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,比較傳統與有機作物之食物組成-系統性回顧與統合分析,台灣營養學會雜誌,2016 Oct,41(2):54-66,Other
14 陳姤君、蘇慧敏(Hui-Min Su)、林毓舜(Lin, Yu-Shun)、鄒泊彥(Po-Yen Tsou)、全中和(Jong-Ho Chyuan)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,A conjugated fatty acid present at high levels in bitter melon seed favorably affects lipid metabolism in hepatocytes by increasing NAD+/NADH ratio and activating PPARα, AMPK and SIRT1 signaling pathway,JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY,2016 Jul,33():28-35,SCI
15 黃慧琪(Hui-Chi Huang)、莊舒涵、吳宜真、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Hypolipidemic function of Hsian-tsao tea (Mesona procumbens Hemsl.): Working mechanisms and active components,Journal of Functional Foods,2016 Jul,26():217-227,SCI
16 (Hebron C. Chang)、楊新玲(Yang Hsin-ling)、(Jih-Hao Pan)、(Mallikarjuna Korivi)、(Jian-You Pan)、(Meng-Chang Hsieh)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、(Pei-Jane Huang)、蔡清讚(Tsai Ching-Tsan)*、許游章(You-Cheng Hseu),Hericium erinaceus Inhibits TNF-𝛼-Induced Angiogenesis and ROS Generation through Suppression of MMP-9/NF-𝜅B Signaling and Activation of Nrf2-Mediated Antioxidant Genes in Human EA.hy926 Endothelial Cells,Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity,2016 Jan,2016(-):1-15,SCI
17 李郁芬(Yu-Fen Li)、張雅媛(Ya-Yuan Chang)、黃慧琪(Hui-Chi Huang)、吳宜真(Yi-Chen Wu)、楊美都(Mei-Due Yang)*、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Tomato juice supplementation in young women reduces inflammatory adipokine levels independently of body fat reduction,NUTRITION,2015 May,31():691-696,SCI
18 黃勤方(Chin-Fang Huang)、林毓舜(Yu-Shun Lin)、江宗謙(Zong-Cian Chiang)、呂水淵(Shui-Yuan Lu)、張?云(Sunny LY Chang)、郭悅雄(Yueh-Hsiung Kuo)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Oxidized frying oil and its polar fraction fed to pregnant mice are teratogenic and alter mRNA expressions of vitamin A metabolism genes in the liver of dams and their fetuses,JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY,2014 May,25(5):549-556,SCI
19 趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,氧化炸油對營養代謝之干擾: 單一代與兩代研究,台灣營養學會雜誌,2013 Nov,38(4):98-109,Other
20 謝政憲(Cheng-Hsien Hsieh)、陳姤君(Gou-Chun Chen)、陳姵璇(Pei-Hsuan Chen)、吳定峰(Ting-Feng Wu)*、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Altered white adipose tissue protein profile in C57BL/6J mice displaying delipidative, inflammatory, and browning characteristics after bitter melon seed oil treatment,PLoS One,2013 Sep,8(9):e72917-e72917,SCI
21 (Bartosz Kaz?owski)、(Mao-Rong Chen)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、(Chien-Chen Lai)、(Yuan-Tih Ko)*,Identification and the roles of proteins for seed development in mungbean (Vigna 1 radiata L.) seed proteomes,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY,2013 Jun,61(6):6650-6659,SCI
22 莊蕙璟(Hui-Ching Chuang)、黃勤方(Chin-Fang Huang)、張怡君(Yi-Chun Chang)、林毓舜(Yu-Shun Lin)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Gestational ingestion of oxidized frying oil by C57BL/6J mice differentially affects the susceptibility of the male and female offspring to diet-induced obesity in adulthood,JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2013 Mar,143(3):267-273,SCI
23 周怡君(Yi-Chun Chou)、蘇慧敏(Hui-Min Su)、賴姿文(Tzu-Wen Lai)、全中和(Jong-Ho Chyuan)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Cis-9, trans-11, trans-13-conjugated linolenic acid induces apoptosis and sustained ERK phosphorylation in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes,NUTRITION,2012 Jul,28(7):803-811,SCI
24 陳姵璇(Pei-Hsuan Chen)、陳姤君(Gou-Chun Chen)、楊美芳(Mei-Fang Yang)、謝政憲(Cheng-Hsien Hsieh)、莊舒涵(Shu-Han Chuang)、楊新玲(Yang Hsin-ling)、郭悅雄(Yueh-Hsiung Kuo)、全中和(Jong-Ho Chyuan)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Bitter Melon Seed Oil-Attenuated Body Fat Accumulation in Diet-Induced Obese Mice Is Associated with cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Activation and Cell Death in White Adipose Tissue,JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2012 Jul,142(7):1197-1204,SCI
25 蔣亞帆(Ya-Fan Chiang)、蕭慧美(Huey-Mei Shaw)、楊美芳(Mei-Fang Yang)、黃志揚(Chih-Yang Huang)、謝政憲(Cheng-Hsien Hsieh)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Dietary oxidized frying oil causes oxidative damage of pancreatic islets and impairment of insulin secretion, effects associated with vitamin E deficiency,BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2011 Apr,105(0):1311-1319,SCI
26 陳姤君(Gou-Chun Chen)、黃俊瑩(Huang, Chun-Yin)、張美瑜(Mei-Yu Chang)、陳紀樺(Chi-Hua Chen)、陳秀雯(Shiow-Wen Chen)、黃青真(Ching-jang Huang)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Two unhealthy dietary habits featured a high fat content and a sucrose-containing beverages intake, alone or in combination, on inducing metabolic syndrome in Wistar rats and C57BL/6J mice,METABOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL,2011 Feb,60(2):155-164,SCI
27 黃俊瑩(Huang, Chun-Yin)、林毓舜(Yu-Shun Lin)、陳姤君(Gou-Chun Chen)、黃惠玲(Hui-Ling Huang)、莊舒涵(Shu-Han Chuang)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Upregulation of Lipogenesis and Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-1B Expression in the Liver of Wistar Rats with Metabolic Syndrome Chronically Induced by Drinking Sucrose Water,ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM,2010 Nov,57(2):169-176,SCI
28 歐秀中(Hsiu-Chung Ou)、(Bor-Show Tzang)、(Mu-Hsin Chang)、(Cheng-Tzu Liu)、(Hui Wen. Liu)、李宗貴(Chong-Kuei Lii)、包大靝(Da-Tian Bau)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、郭薇雯(Wei-Wen Kuo)*,Cardiac Contractile Dysfunction and Apoptosis in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Are Ameliorated by Garlic Oil Supplementation,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY,2010 Sep,58(19):10347-10355,SCI
29 (Leslie P. Kozak)*、(Susan Newman)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、(Tamra Mendoza)、(Robert A. Koza),The Early Nutritional Environment of Mice Determines the Capacity for Adipose Tissue Expansion by Modulating Genes of Caveolae Structure,PLoS One,2010 Jun,5(6):e11015,SCI
30 趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*、郭悅雄、林毓舜(Yu-Shun Lin)、陳紀樺(Chen, Chi-Hua)、陳秀雯(Chen, Shiow-Wen)、郭曜豪(Kuo, Yao-Haur),The Metabolic Benefits of Polygonum hypoleucum Ohwi in HepG2 Cells and Wistar Rats under Lipogenic Stress,JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY,2010 Apr,58():5174-5180,SCI
31 趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、(Wan-Hsuan Chen)、(Chun-Huei Liao)、(Huey-Mei Shaw)*,Conjugated linoleic acid causes a marked increase in liver a-tocopherol and liver a-tocopherol transfer protein in C57BL/6J mice,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR VITAMIN AND NUTRITION RESEARCH,2010 Jan,80(1):65-73,SCI
32 陳紀樺、張美瑜、林毓舜、林大鈞、陳秀雯、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,A herbal extract with acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitory activity and its potential for treating metabolic syndrome,METABOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL,2009 Sep,58(9):1297-1305,SCI
33 周怡君(Yi-Chun Chou)、王升陽(Sheng-Yang Wang)、陳姤君(Gou-Chun Chen)、林毓舜(Yu-Shen Lin)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,The Functional Assessment of Alpina pricei on Metabolic Syndrome Induced by Sucrose Containing Drinking Water in Mice,PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH,2009 Apr,23(4):558-563,SCI
34 (Larissa Nikonova)、(Robert A. Koza)、(Tamra Mendoza)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)、(James P. Curley)、(Leslie P. Kozak)*,Mesoderm-specific transcript is associated with fat mass expansion in response to a positive energy balance,FASEB JOURNAL,2008 Nov,22(11):3925-3937,SCI
35 廖純慧(Chun-Huei Liao)、蕭慧美(Huey-Mei Shaw)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Impairment of glucose metabolism in mice induced by dietary oxidized frying oil is different from that induced by conjugated linoleic acid,NUTRITION,2008 Jul,24(7-8):744-752,SCI
36 黃惠玲(Hui-Ling Huang)、洪雅雯(Ya-Wen Hong)、翁宥宏(You-Hong Wong)、陳盈年(Ying-Nien Chen)、全中和(Jong-Ho Chyuan)、黃青真(Ching-Jang Huang)、趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*,Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Inhibits Adipocytes Hypertrophy and Down-Regulates the Lipogenic genes Expression in Adipose Tissue of Diet Induced Obese Rats. (Accept),BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2008 Feb,99(2):230-239,SCI
37 趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*、黃?玲(Hue-Ling Huang)、廖純慧(Chun-Huei Liao)、黃曉婷(Shiau-Ting Huang)、黃青真(Ching-jang Huang),A high oxidized frying oil content diet is less adipogenic, but induces glucose intolerance in rodents.,BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2007 Jul,(98):63-71,SCI
38 趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*、詹婉君(Wen-Chun Chan)、蔣亞帆(Chiang Y. F.)、郭澤偉(Kuo, T. W.)、施威廷(Shih, W. T.)、林芳羽(Lin, F. Y.)、陳育廷(Chen, Y. T.),Assessment of the anti-obesity effect of hawthorn fruit on rats,台灣營養學會雜誌,2005 Dec,30(3):146-153,Other
39 趙蓓敏(Pei-Min Chao)*、楊美芳(Mei-Fang Yang)、曾于娜(Tseng, Y. N.)、(Chang, K. M.)、盧國賢(Lu, K. S.)、黃青真(Huang, C. J.*),Peroxisome Proliferation in Liver of Rats Fed Oxidized Frying Oil,JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE AND VITAMINOLOGY,2005 ,51(5):361-368,SCI
40 趙蓓敏、許珊菁(Hsu, S. C.)、林甫容(Lin, F. J.)、黃青真(Huang, C. J.*)*,The Up-Regulation of Hepatic Acyl-CoA Oxidase and Cytochrome P450 4A1 mRNA Expression by Dietary Oxidized Frying Oil is Comparable between Male and Female Rats.,LIPIDS,2004 Mar,39(3):233-238,SCI
41 趙蓓敏、趙哲毅(Chao, C. Y.)、林甫容(Lin, F. J.)、黃青真(Huang, C. J.*)*,Oxidized Frying Oil Up-Regulates Hepatic Acyl-CoA Oxidase and Cytochrome P450 4A1 Genes in Rats and Activates PPARalpha,JOURNAL OF NUTRITION,2001 Dec,131(12):3166-3174,SCI
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