My research interests mainly focus on Lipoproteins, Lipidome, and their roles in disease pathways. We are now working on liver, Ovary, Gastric, and Pancreatic cancers, from lipid point of views, conducting translational medical researches. Using transgenic animal, disease animal models, combine modern molecular technology, and bioinformatics, we hope to understand the very fundamental elements of disease, as well as to translate into clinical practices. The current projects including cancer metabolism, cancer stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, and substance addiction.


醫學院生物醫學研究所 教授/Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences Professor

  • 姓名:馬文隆/Wen-Lung Ma
  • 任職單位:醫學院生物醫學研究所 教授
    Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences Professor
  • 電話:(04)22053366  分機2053
  • ORCID:
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  • 學歷/Education:
    • 美國羅徹斯特大學 哲學 博士
      University of Rochester (USA) Doctor
  • 經歷/Work experience:
    • 中國醫藥大學 醫學院臨床醫學研究所 助理教授(1000201~1050731)
      China Medical University Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science Assistant Professor
    • 中國醫藥大學 生物醫學研究所 副教授(1050801~1110731)
    • 中國醫藥大學 生物醫學研究所 教授(1110801~)
      China Medical University Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences Professor
  • 主管經歷/Administrative experience:
    • 產學合作處生物科技發展育成中心主任(1061013~1080731)
    • 產學合作處行政組組長(1070801~1080731)
      Administration Division Chief
    • 產學合作處行政組組長(1061013~1070731)
      Administration Division Chief
  • 專長/Research expertise:
    • Lipidome
    • Cancer Biology
    • Tumor Macroenvironmental Regulation
    • Translational Medicine
    • Steroid Biology
    • Transgen animal
    • lipidomics