Tzong-Yuan Juang is an Assistant Professor at Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University, Taiwan. His research interests is focused on developing water-soluble dendritic macromolecules including dendrimers and hyperbranched macromolecules, and studying their supramolecular chemistry in solution and the relationship and applications at organic/inorganic interfaces. Potential application areas such as molecular exfoliation for 2D layered graphene and natural clay, fluorescent nanocarrier for container and drug delivery for biomedical applications. https://scholar.google.com.tw/citations?user=GYCWWbkAAAAJ&hl=zh-TW

藥學院藥用化妝品學系 助理教授/Department of Cosmeceutics Assistant Professor


  • 姓名:莊宗原/Juang, Tzong-Yuan
  • 任職單位:藥學院藥用化妝品學系 助理教授
  • Department of Cosmeceutics Assistant Professor
  • 電話:(04)22053366  分機5312
  • E-mail:tyjuang@mail.cmu.edu.tw


  • 國立中興大學 化學工程 博士
    National Chung Hsing University Doctor
  • 逢甲大學 化學工程 碩士
  • 東海大學 化學工程 學士
    Tunghai University Bachelor

經歷/Work experience

  • 國立嘉義大學應用化學系 專案助理教授(0970801~1050731)
  • 興太化學製藥股份有限公司 副工程師(0880914~0900815)
  • 雲林科技大學化學工程與材料工程系 兼任助理教授(1050201~1050731)
    Part-TimeAssistant Professor
  • 中興大學博士後研究員(0960401~0970731)

主管經歷/Administrative experience

專長/Research expertise

  • 高分子材料
  • 奈米生醫材料
  • 奈米藥物
  • 表面改質技術
  • 化妝品調製
  • Polymer material
  • Biomedical material
  • Nanomedicine
  • Functionalization of nanomaterials
  • Cosmetic formula